By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-31 22:28:26

WWE returned to the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY for their final house show prior to Wrestlemania 29 tonight. The show was nearly but not sold out, likely because of the Easter holiday.

The show was almost beat for beat the same lineup that ran the rest of the weekend, but was a really entertaining show featuring two really entertaining six man tags and some solid wrestling underneath. The matches that were designed to be undercard filler did a good job of getting the crowd going as well.

Of course, with Wrestlemania just a few days ago, everything was going to pretty much tread water in terms of the storylines, but that also allowed for some previews of Mania interactions and some solid wrestling, since certain talents who usually don’t get a lot of TV time (see: Divas) had far more leeway to work here.

*Wade Barrett won a Battle Royal for a World title match tonight. The last two out were Kane and Daniel Bryan. Kane had chokeslammed Barrett but his own partner tried to toss him. Bryan failed and backed off, then offered to hug it out. Kane tossed him anyway, only to be shoved over by Barrett. R-Truth also worked the bout in his only appearance of the night. Standard fare but the crowd was into Miz, Bryan and Kane.

WWE World champ Alberto Del Rio vs. WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett turned into a six man tag. Big reaction for Del Rio and Ricardo. They had a good back and forth match until Jack Swagger attacked Del Rio. Miz hit the ring for the save but was dispatched. The heels worked over Alberto, allowing Jericho to hit the scene to his music. Fandango came out and did his dancing bit at the entrance but was immediately attacked by Jericho and they brawled on the outside. The babyfaces ran off the heels but Vickie Guerrero came out and announced it would be a six man tag right now.

Alberto Del Rio & Chris Jericho & The Miz defeated Jack Swagger & Fandango & Wade Barrett in a dynamite six man tag. Jericho had his working boots on and also played Ricky Morton trying to get the crowd into the match as his partners were getting worked over. Fandango’s entrance (during the brawl) got a huge reaction so at least in this market, the introduction is getting over. Fandango looked good in the ring, far better than he did during his run as Johnny Curtis in NXT. They went back and forth with great stuff until Miz forced Barrett to tap out to the figure four, getting over the idea there could be a title change at Mania. Best thing on the show by far.

Notes: From top to bottom, a hard working crew and a good show…No announced return as everything was about Mania….They had a Henry promo air on the video screen pushing the Over the Top Rope challenge…They also pushed Tout and the WWE Hall of Fame broadcast for the Tuesday after Mania….A new wrinkle they were selling were gimmick photos where you were shot on a green screen and then placed next to a WWE performer when the photos were printed out….They were selling signed enlarged photos of Cena, Sheamus and Ryback….


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