By Richard Trionfo on 2013-04-01 23:01:16

At this time next week, we will be able to talk about the build to Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans. Tonight, it is time for the final full show dedicated to pushing the fans towards buying Wrestlemania 29. What new developments will we see on tonight’s show? Will any new matches be announced? Will we get any memorable moments leading into the Super Bowl of Sports Entertainment?

We are in Washington, D.C. and your announcers are Michael ‘The Capitals win the Stanley Cup’ Cole, John ‘Congress agrees on something’ Layfield, and Jerry ‘Billy Kilmer is the new Redskins quarterback’ Lawler.

We are back and Jerry Lawler mentions that Zeb Colter will be wrestling Alberto Del Rio tonight.

We go to comments from Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger from Washington D.C. He says that like Ricardo’s ankle, this country is broken. He knows a man who can fix it. That man is Jack Swagger. Great empires have crumbled because the people became weak. The borders have been weakened and resources have been exploited. Everyone knows why.

It is time to stand up and say no more. In six days, Wrestlemania, real change is coming. Not only will he break the champ’s ankle, he will break the spirits of everyone who has tried to duck the American dream. Alberto will experience change as a Real American stands over Alberto as the World Champion. If you do not like that, you do not deserve to be a Real American.

Matt Striker is in the interview area with Alberto Del Rio. Matt asks Alberto about Jack’s comments. Alberto says that America is the land of opportunity. The Constitution grants freedom of speech. Alberto says that if he does not like what Swagger says, he can do something about it at Wrestlemania. Tonight, he will take care of Jumanji guy. He calls Zeb a piñata that he is about to break.

Shawn says that you didn’t think they would have Wrestlemania without Mr. Wrestlemania. He says that he loves this time of year. The Road to Wrestlemania is ramping up. We have Jack Swagger versus Alberto Del Rio. We have CM Punk versus the Undertaker. And in the main event, we have John Cena versus The Rock.

Jack Swagger is talking to Zeb Colter about his match with Alberto Del Rio and we go to commercial.

We are back and Vince McMahon is on Twitter and Michael Cole mentions that Vince has 53,000 followers already.

Matt Striker is with CM Punk and the urn in the interview area. Matt asks Punk if he thinks he is disrespecting the memory of Paul Bearer. Punk says the important question is whether he gives a damn. Punk says that he is trying to get inside Undertaker’s head. He is going to do what no one has been able to do, and that is beat the Undertaker.

Punk says that he will do whatever it takes to win. Taker is coming to scar Punk but Punk only cares about getting the win. Punk says that maybe Taker will get disqualified or counted out. It does not matter because Taker will lose the match.

Punk says that at the end of Wrestlemania, any time someone thinks about the grandest stage of them all, they will think about CM Punk.

We take a look at footage of Jack Swagger breaking Ricardo Rodriguez’ ankle.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Zeb Colter (with Jack Swagger) versus Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez)

Colter backs into the corner to avoid Del Rio. Del Rio puts his arms behind his back while Swagger gets ready to pounce on Ricardo. Colter grabs a crutch and then Swagger takes Ricardo down. Del Rio with a baseball slide to Swagger. Colter hits Del Rio with the crutch and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio by disqualification

Swagger attacks Del Rio from behind and then Swagger and Colter hit Del Rio with the crutches.

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