By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-04 14:00:00

Welcome to PWInsider’s live, ongoing Wrestlemania 29 press conference at Radio City Music Hall.

Michael Cole welcomed everyone to the kickoff of Wrestlemania weekend. He noted that Sean Combs and Living Colour will be playing.

Michael Cole also noted that Mike Tyson, Charlie Sheen, Jimmy Fallon and Snooki would also be at Wrestlemania and would be “involved in this event.”

They announced at the end of the conference, they will have the WWE talents on top of the Radio City marquee for a group photo op.

Ricardo Rodriguez came out and did his introduction for Alberto Del Rio. He thanked the Latin media for being here. He said that Sunday is the most important night in his life because for the first time, a Mexican born and raised athlete will defend the World championship. He said his family and friends are here and all the Latinos are going to support him. He promised there was no way he was losing his World title to Jack Swagger. He said that Swagger has done a lot of damage to him and his best friend, but Alberto will break his pride and if he gets the chance, his arm. He closed out speaking in Spanish to the Latin media specifically.

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