By Richard Trionfo on 2013-04-12 21:58:31

Sunday night saw The Miz and John Cena become new champions. Monday night saw Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler become new champions. What will we see tonight? Will the crowd act the way it did on Monday night or is this the second year that we have a Wrestlemania fan anomaly that we will not see in the United States until next April when Raw emanates from New Orleans after Wrestlemania 30? What will happen when Triple H addresses the WWE Universe after his victory at Wrestlemania against Brock Lesnar.

We are in Boston, Massachusetts and your announcers are John ‘Clavin’ Layfield, Josh ‘Boyd’ Mathews, and Michael ‘Gary’s Old Towne Tavern’ Cole.

Big E Langston comes out to the stage and he has something to say. Langston introduces the NEW World Champion in a manner similar to Ricardo Rodriguez.

Dolph is accompanied by AJ Lee and all three walk to the ring.

Dolph thanks AJ and he says ever since he debuted he has been the most physically gifted athlete that this business has seen and that is an understatement. People would walk past him in the back and they knew that he was the future of this company. This World Championship proves that the future is now.

Dolph says that everyone feels like they were a part of it. He heard 80,000 people chant his name in a match he wasn’t even involved in. The next night on Raw, that amazingly insane crowd watching him walk down that aisle and making history.

The WWE Universe would love to join in on this celebration, but the fact of the matter is that this title and the moment that made it his belongs to one person and one person only . . . Dolph Ziggler.

He did not win this title because of the fans, he won it in spite of the fans. All of his life, people have been riding his coat tails because his girlfriend is hotter or his teeth are whiter or he is just better than you. No matter what, you will never be . . .

Jack Swagger’s music plays and he comes to the stage with Zeb Colter.

Dolph says that this is his scheduled time and he wonders why Jack and Zeb are out here.

Zeb introduces himself to Dolph and he congratulates Dolph on his success on behalf of all Americans. He is proud that Dolph is from Cleveland, Ohio and lives in Hollywood, Florida. Zeb says that everyone knows who to thank for Dolph’s win on Monday and it is Jack Swagger.

Dolph says that this is his celebration. He tells Jack that he had his shot at the title at Wrestlemania and he blew it. Jack needs to go to the back of the line.

Jack goes to the ring steps and he backs down the steps. Zeb says that it is only appropriate for Dolph to give Jack what he wants and what he deserves. That is a title match.

Dolph tells them to stop the music. As he was saying, you can go back home tonight and load that DVR and play it back as many times as you want to try to be Dolph, but . . .

Alberto Del Rio’s music plays and he comes to the stage and he is limping.

Dolph says that is enough and he asks if Alberto is out here to steal his spotlight. Alberto looks bummed because he lost the World Title on Monday. Maybe Alberto is here to complain and he wants his rematch. Dolph says that he will give Alberto his rematch right now.

Alberto tells Dolph to calm down. He is not out here to complain. Alberto congratulates Dolph and he says that he knows what it feels like to cash in because he did it with the WWE Title. When his ankle heals and he gets his rematch, it will be Dolph who will be complaining and crying.

Until then, he tells Dolph ‘Hasta La Vista . . . baby’.

Dolph wants the music stopped. He says that we are losing track of what this is about. It is his night and he is sick of being interrupted.

The next person who feels like he wants to interrupt him will see why he is the World Champion.

It looks like that person will be Chris Jericho.

Chris tells Dolph to shut the hell up. He has been out here talking and Chris congratulates him. Dolph has been babbling about how it is his time, how good he looks, and about his crazy girlfriend.

Jericho gets everyone to start an ‘AJ’s crazy’ chant.

Dolph protects AJ’s ears from hearing the chants.

Chris says that Dolph talks about being a show off, but Y2J is the original show off. He tells Dolph that it is time to stop talking and start rocking. Chris says that he went to Booker’s office and he was given some interesting news for the Jericho-holics and the Dolph-ins. Dolph’s first match as the World Champion is going to be against Y2J and it will be tonight on Smackdown. Dolph tells Ziggy Stardust that after this match, he will never eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever be the same agayne.


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