WWE House Show Results 04.18.13 - Glasgow, Scotland

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 04.18.2013

Lilian Garcia was the ring announcer and sang Flower of Scotland to kick off.

Alberto Del Rio beat Jack Swagger in a No DQ match. They had a twittering poll that asked if fans wanted Zeb Colter to stay ringside or go to the back. Swagger and Colter came out and both cut promos. Colter said London at the start of his promo instead of Glasgow and then said it doesn’t matter they are because it’s all the same. That got a lot of heat from the very patriotic fans. Ricardo and ADR were out next and then Zeb was sent to the back after losing the vote.

A kendo stick was used like twice but not much else for no DQ rules. One thing that was stupid was at one point ADR had Swagger in the Cross Arm Breaker in the ropes and then Del Rio released him as the ref didn’t call a rope break due to no DQ. Two minutes later, swagger had Del Rio in The Patriot Lock and the ref calls a rope break as Ricardo helped Del Rio reach the ropes. Obviously, we weren’t supposed to realize the double standards of refereeing. The finish came with the Cross Arm Breaker and Swagger tapping.


Second Set of WWE House Show Results 4.18.13: Glasgow, Scotland

Posted by Larry Csonka on 04.19.2013

  1. Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez Defeated Jack Swagger via Submission in a No Disqualification Match

Earlier in the night there was a Twitter poll to determine if Zeb Coulter was allowed to remain in Jack Swagger’s corner for the match. Swagger and Coulter came to ring with Swagger carrying a Tea Party flag. I’m not sure this got the desired effect as I don’t think the majority of the people in the crowd understood the flag. Coulter and Swagger then cut their usual promo about people sneaking in and stealing jobs. Unbelievably people in the crowd started clapping what Coulter was saying (Only in Scotland, eh?).

Del Rio and Ricardo came out and seemed to be surprisingly over. Coulter ultimately lost the Twitter vote and was banished to the back. The match wasn’t anything that we hadn’t seen before. Mainly working on one another’s respective “injuries” and teasings of Ankle Locks and Arm-Breakers. Del Rio would eventually make Swagger tap to an excellently executed cross arm breaker after taking a bit of a beating with a kendo stick.


WWE Live Event Results From Glasgow (4/18): Outlaws & Sheamus Vs. Shield, Orton Vs. Big Show

By Raj Giri | April 19, 2013

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Chris Moffat for sending in these results from last night’s WWE Smackdown live event in Glasgow, Scotland:

Although WWE comes to the UK only twice a year, fans are still guaranteed to have an experience of a life time. The roster gave fans a show that they will never forget, despite having no world champion present. On Thursday, 18th of April 2013 in Glasgow’s Breahead arena, I was fortunate enough to be sitting in the very front row, witnessing one of the best WWE house shows, to ever take place in Scotland. Here’s what went down and what I saw, from a front row seat:

Alberto Del Rio defeated Jack Swagger in a No Disqualification match

Swagger entered with the controversial Zeb Colter who cut a promo about the problems in America, which was confusing since we were half way across the world. Del Rio entered to an outstanding ovation. A twitter poll was also cast by using the hashtag, #WWEGlasgow, to determine whether Zeb Colter would be allowed to stay at ringside or be forced to leave. The results showed “Zeb Goes!” which made the 6,000 plus erupt. Another great match, Del Rio picked up the victory after an innovative counter of the Gut Wrench Powerbomb into the Cross Arm Breaker.

Overall, it a phenomenal experience and great show.


WWE House Show Report 04.19.13 - Glasgow, Scotland

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 04.21.2013

The arena was sold-out as it always is when WWE comes here. It had most of the main talent from SmackDown although for some reason, WWE elected to have Dolph Ziggler tour with the Raw brand despite being the World Heavyweight Champion. That meant that the Raw side of the tour has the two World Champions while the SmackDown side has no World title main event. Disappointed that AJ and the Bellas weren’t there aswell. On the plus side, the New Age Outlaws were on the tour. Anyway, our seats were more or less in the same area as the last few times although a little higher up.

Alberto Del Rio beat Jack Swagger in a No DQ match. Not really a fan of Swagger or Colter but they did their bit and entertained me. They did their talk about how the UK has a lot of the same problems as the USA and he said that immigrants come in and try and take everything we have. This actually got a bit of a cheer which Colter responded to by saying ‘even some of you agree with me’. They talked about how they were going to claim Glasgow as part of Jack Swagger’s America. Del Rio came out to a very good reaction, the crowd loved Rodriguez introducing Del Rio and did it along with him. Lots of ‘Si’ chants and ‘Del Rio’ chants, he was very over.

Earlier in the night, Lilian Garcia had said we had to decide if Colter got to stay at ringside by tweeting #ZebStays or #ZebGoes throughout the night. Colter was rejected and sent to the back and this got a good cheer. Del Rio and Rodriguez had some fun with the flag Swagger brought at the start. Good match though which Del Rio won with the cross armbreaker.

Lilian Garcia at this point thanked us for coming and said they couldn’t wait to return to Glasgow. She said that they would actually be returning on November 10 2013..


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