SmackDown Results: Big Show & Henry scored a gigantic victory; The Shield taunted The Undertaker

BY Michael Burdick

April 18, 2013

Alberto Del Rio def. Jack Swagger

In the climatic final moments of an extremely personal back-and-forth WrestleMania Rematch between the duel-No. 1 contenders to Dolph Ziggler’s World Heavyweight Title, Alberto Del Rio countered Jack Swagger’s Patriot Lock to cinch in the Cross Armbreaker. But, the action would not end there.

To the amazement of all, the “Real American” used every bit of his strength to transform that painful finishing maneuver into an impressive pin attempt. And while he nearly picked up the three-count for his trouble, he could stop the Mexican Superstar from answering back with a small package for the heroic win in an incredible showdown!