WWE House Show Results 04.19.13 - Newcastle, England

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 04.19.2013

I attended the WWE ‘SmackDown Wrestlemania Revenge Tour’ from Newcastle, England tonight (19th April 2013). Here’s a run down of the results.

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) was next in what was announced as a No DQ match. Lillian took a poll before the match began to see if Zeb Colter would be allowed or banned from ringside. The fans said ban him, but he ordered a re-count. So they did, and Zeb was banned from ringside. Del Rio took the microphone and said “you’re not real americans, you’re just two wankers.” - so much for PG, eh? About 40% of the crowd were kids. Good match, slow to begin but gradually got better towards the end. For a No DQ match this was the tamest I’ve ever seen. 10 kendo stick shots and that was it. Swagger got a chair but Del Rio enziguri’d him out to the floor. Del Rio wins with the cross arm-breaker. About 18 minutes in length, a good match to end the first half of the show.

Overall it was a good show, very disappointing not to see the World Champ on the SmackDown tour but what can you do. It was sold out from what I could see, could have been a few seats in the upper bowl empty but definitely over 95% full (11,000 capacity). They confirmed the next event to be held at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle would be the RAW event on Tuesday 12th November 2013, tickets on sale 26th April at 9am.

Well worth my £30 ticket!


Second Set of WWE House Show Results 04.19.13: Newcastle, England

Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 04.20.2013

Lilian Garcia came to the ring to start the proceedings. She sang the U.K. national anthem, “God Save The Queen,” which drew a large applause.

Time for Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio in a No Disqualification match. Before the match, Lilian Garcia told the crowd to vote to decide whether Zeb Colter was allowed to stay at ringside. Swagger and Zeb Colter then made their entrance with Jack holding up a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag. When they were in the ring, they gave the usual U.S.A. speech, then Zeb said, “We love it here in Sunderland!” (referring to Sunderland being Newcastle’s local rivals).

Ricardo Rodriguez then introduced Alberto Del Rio, who came to the ring wearing a Newcastle United black and white striped scarf. Alberto took the mic and called Zeb a “wanker” (this was funny, as “wanker” is an insulting British word that maybe shouldn’t be used in front of children, but I don’t think he really knew its meaning). The crowd voted that Zeb was to leave ringside.

(5) Alberto Del Rio beat Jack Swagger via submission to the cross arm-breaker in a No DQ match.


WWE Live Event Results From Newcastle (4/19): Poor Review For Show, Fandango Over, Shield

By Raj Giri | April 20, 2013

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Lee for sending in these results from yesterday’s SmackDown live event in Newcastle, England:

Lilian Garcia opened the show and sang the U.K. national anthem.

The fans voted if Zeb got to stay at ringside for the next match, which was Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger in a No DQ match. This made no sense, since it was a No DQ match, so Zeb could come out if he wanted anyway!

Alberto Del Rio defeated Jack Swagger. It was a good, solid match. The only weapon used was a cane, which made the No DQ stip even more pointless. Del Rio won with the cross armbreaker.


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