WWE Live Event Results From Birmingham (4/20): The Shield Headlines, Del Rio Vs. Swagger

By Raj Giri | April 21, 2013

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Oliver Payne for sending in these results from last night’s SmackDown live event in Birmingham, England:


Colter came out with Swagger and slated the British empire and compared England to the USA with immigrants, then he told immigrants to leave. Jack Swagger could save England, and it could become Jack Swagger’s England. Decent No DQ match, with lots of ‘We want tables’ chants. Swagger obliged, bringing it in to the match… It was used near the finish, Del Rio felt the effects, but he made a come back and made Swagger tap to the cross armbreaker.

Overall, a 7/10 for the show. Shame there was no World Champion, but a decent effort in the second half of the show to make up for it. Arena was approx 80-85% full.


WWE House Show Results 04.20.13 - Birmingham, England

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 04.21.2013

The arena was nowhere near sold-out with empty seats all around the floor area and up in the stands. The crowd was mostly kids with their parents, and Cena and Ryback t-shirts were everywhere. There were a couple of merch stands, but they were pretty poor. Hardly anything on offer, but they were packed all night.

Next was a No DQ match between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger. Dutch Mantell (Zeb Colter) came out with Swagger, but he was sent to the back due to a Twitter Poll following a fun little promo, getting the city name wrong, etc. Del Rio played Matador with Swagger and his flag, which the kids loved. Huge pop for Ricardo and everyone “spoke along” with him for Del Rio’s entrance. Swagger is huge in-person!

(5) Alberto Del Rio beat Jack Swagger via submission in a No DQ match. This was great. Better than their matches on TV, that’s for sure, and the crowd loved Del Rio throughout. There were lots of kendo shots, etc. Del Rio went through a table in the corner, but took the win with the Cross Arm-breaker.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad show, but I’m not sure we would go to a Smackdown show again. They announced a return date for November. Hopefully that will be Raw.


Second WWE House Show Report 04.20.13 - Birmingham, England

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 04.21.2013

Lilian Garcia opened by singing “God Save the Queen”, which she delivered well, but was met with an unenthusiastic crowd. I knew at this point that this crowd wasn’t going to be on par with the one here for the November TV tapings last year.

Lilian introduced a twitter poll allowing fans to decide if Zeb Coulter could remain ringside for Jack Swagger’s match with Alberto Del Rio. The percentages for and against started moving immediately, so I doubt its legitimacy.

Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) defeated Jack Swagger in a No-DQ match. Before the match, Swagger said the UK had the same problems as the US. Zeb said he liked the city, before saying ‘Hello Manchester!’. After the booing subsided, he said England had problems with Scottish, Welsh and Irish immigrants, and hoped to one day return to make “Jack Swagger’s England”. Rodriguez came out with the ankle protector on, but no crutches. The twitter vote made Zeb leave ringside.

This match picked the crowd up after a sleepy start to the show. Swagger used the kendo stick for a good stretch, until he was distracted by Rodriguez, who ran away with no problems when Swagger gave chase. A nice close count came when Swagger put Del Rio through a table in the corner, but Del Rio rallied to apply the Cross Armbreaker for the submission victory.

Notes: About a quarter of the upper deck was tarped off, and a good portion of the floor seats were empty. It’s the least full I have ever seen the LG Arena, and it showed in the crowd reactions throughout the night. For the first time since I have been going, there was no tour t-shirt. This brought my run of having a tour t-shirt for every show I have been to to an end. This saddens the collector in me.

Overall, this was the weakest house show I have been to. I came close to not going because I feared it wouldn’t be a good show, but I wanted to keep my streak going, and unfortunately match quality didn’t repay my faith. While it was cool seeing the New Ages Outlaws and The Shield, the rest of the talent on show felt stale, while Raw got most of the acts I wanted to see, and got both World Champions. Swagger vs. Del Rio was the only match outside of the main event to climb to “good,” and everything else was either OK or dull, especially the first four matches.

The next show for Birmingham in November is being advertised at the moment as “WWE Live” so hopefully this was the last of the twin branded house shows, and the start of a new drive towards balancing the touring rosters.


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