WWE Live Event Results From Cardiff (4/22): Did The Shield And Fandango Pull Double Duty?

By Raj Giri | April 22, 2013

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Mark Abraham for sending in these results from tonight’s SmackDown live event in Cardiff, Wales:

Lillian Garcia opens the show with the usual pumping up of a very ready Welsh crowd.

No Disqualification match: Jack Swagger vs Alberto del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

Zeb Colter accompanies Swagger to the ring, playing on the animosity between the Welsh and English, doing a great job at winding the fans up and getting heat. A huge pop erupts when he is ejected from ringside due to the result of the previous fan voting on Twitter.

The match begins with Del Rio using Swagger’s Don’t Tread On Me flag as a matadors flag, which was also the debut of the first ever ‘Show Us Your Visa’ chant I’ve ever heard. Singapore cane came into play as Swagger beat on Del Rio, fans consistently chanting for tables throughout the match and being teased by Del Rip bringing one from under the ring before being cut off by Swagger.

A great, GREAT match between the two, switching momentum between both men and was head and shoulders over their WrestleMania match in my opinion. The fans were really into it throughout the match. Swagger hit the Patriot Lock and had fans on the edge of their seat, before having his power bomb reversed and then was out through the table in the corner of the ring. Del Rio them locked on the cross-armbreaker to get a submission from the American Patriot. Match of the night by far.

Considering that this live event fell on the same night as a live RAW taping in London, I didn’t think star-power would be all there, but I was surprised and certainly not disappointed. Great to have The Shield and Fandango pulling double-duty and giving depth to the show. Can only imagine the pop Dolph Ziggler would have had.

Overall, I’d give this a 7.5/10

Match of the night: NO DQ - Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger


WWE House Show Results 4.22.13: Cardiff, Wales

Posted by Larry Csonka on 04.23.2013

his was the best show WWE have done in Cardiff for years. Every match flowed and had the crowd involved, and for a change the Smackdown roster wasn’t wanting of star power, even with the absence of World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler and Team Hell No. There were very few empty seats, and while the majority of the audience was young, they were very vocal throughout.

It was quite odd to see that the merch stands only had the green John Cena shirt as opposed to the newer yellow one, but at £25 a shirt this was the cheapest I have seen the official replica tees. The range included CM Punk (Yellow GTS), Dolph Ziggler (Stealing the show – these sold out very quickly), Wade Barrett, Triple H, Undertaker, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Sin Cara, Mark Henry and Big Show. Also there were signed Randy Orton and Sheamus photos – I regret not picking up one of these. No WWE Magazine or DVDs/Blu-Rays on offer. Interestingly, the programme listed the Hogan/Zeus film ‘No Holds Barred’ as ‘coming soon’ to DVD – it was released in the US last year.

They were promoting The Marine 3, Extreme Rules, WWE 13, Tout and the WWE App before the show and during the intermission.

The show started with a pre-recorded Sheamus promo hyping his six-man tag match with the New Age Outlaws against the Shield. Smart fans gave a huge cheer when the Shield were mentioned, having expected them to be at the Raw taping in London as advertised. Seth Rollins had tweeted that he was in Cardiff earlier in the day.

MATCH 5: No Disqualification: Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) def. Jack Swagger (Submission)

Contender for match of the night. Excellent promo from Swagger and Colter beforehand. Colter says that Jack Swagger’s America has stretched far and wide, even as far as right here in… England (cue loud boos). He has a second go: “Hello, Manchester!” More boos. Next time he gets it right, referring to it as “Jack Swagger’s Wales”. Del Rio and Rodriguez (with left foot in a cast) seemed to be enjoying themselves. As a result of a Twitter vote, Colter was banned from ringside. A chant of “We the people” broke out half-way through the match, which Swagger’s mat-wrestling and Del Rio’s submissions were showcased well. A cane was used, and when Del Rio pulled a table from under the ring it got a huge reaction – rarely do we get table action in Cardiff. Lots of chair shots too. Finish: After Swagger gets thrown through the table set up against the turnbuckle, he submits to Del Rio’s cross armbreaker.


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