Raw results: Cena fights injured, The Shield stands tall, and Del Rio sets ‘Extreme’ stipulation for Ziggler & Swagger

BY Anthony Benigno

April 29, 2013

Ricardo Rodriguez def. Big E Langston & Zeb Colter

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Well, that was certainly unexpected: Columbus, Ohio’s Nationwide Arena got itself a good old-fashioned upset right off the bat when Raw kicked off with a Triple Threat Match between Ricardo Rodriguez, Zeb Colter and Big E Langston … and it was the Zubaz-toting perennial underdog Rodriguez who shocked both the “Founding Father” and Dolph Ziggler’s personal man-mountain to claim the victory.

Granted, the bout was as one-sided as it gets at the start. Colter’s got a hard-boiled history and the WWE Universe knows Ricardo’s got some moves, but the mighty Langston ran roughshod over them both, bringing victory within a hair’s breadth of his pumped-up clutches. Thanks to some quick thinking, though, Ricardo took advantage of a melee between Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, Langston and Jack Swagger to roll up Colter for la victoria, giving The Essence of Excellence the privilege to pick the stipulation for the World Title Match at Extreme Rules.


Alberto Del Rio def. Antonio Cesaro

Like a Jack Ryan novel in the ring, international superpowers collided in Columbus when Mexico’s own Alberto Del Rio battled The Swiss Superman himself, Antonio Cesaro, in a down-and-dirty grudge match that showed off the best that the two old-school grapplers had to offer. Cesaro kept Del Rio at bay with his signature strength for the majority of the match, powering out of submission holds and and nearly took Del Rio’s head off with a European uppercut, but the former World Champion rallied to trap The Swiss Superman in the Cross Armbreaker for the win.

Soaking in the glow of his victory, The Pride of Mexico made his blockbuster announcement: Thanks to Ricardo’s victory earlier in the night, Del Rio would be able to pick the stipulation for the World Title Match at Extreme Rules … and he had chosen a Ladder Match.