5/14 WWE Smackdown TV taping spoilers: Full coverage of the taping for Friday’s television show (spoilers)

May 14, 2013 - 10:00 PM

ot Net staffer Jeff Lutz is at the WWE Smackdown taping in Wichita, Kansas and is sending the following report. Refresh the page for his latest updates.

Miz TV was set up as Lilian Garcia, Josh Matthews, and JBL made their entrances. The Miz appeared in the ring while we watched a recap of recent events. Randy Orton and Big Show will be with Miz tonight instead of the advertised Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel (I assume Jericho will be saved for interaction with Fandango later).

Miz talked up Orton and Show’s upcoming Extreme Rules match and recapped, via video footage, major moments in the feud. Miz asked if Orton’s RKO would be a preview of Extreme Rules. Show called Orton a snake in the grass who specializes in sneak attacks. He said at Extreme Rules he could do anything he wants to to rip Orton apart.

Show said he doesn’t need a weapon, because he has his fist. Instead of an RKO, it’s going to be a TKO in Orton’s hometown of St. Louis. Orton said Show’s ending won’t happen and that he wouldn’t let Show beat him in Orton’s hometown. Orton said the rivalry has its roots in his mistaken trust of Show. He said the only thing people would remember Sunday is how The Viper took down the Big Show.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter interrupted. Zeb Colter said Sunday would be memorable, but because Swagger would make Alberto Del Rio say “I quit” or, in Del Rio’s native tongue, no mas. Colter, to a chorus of boos, said you would hear thousands of real Americans rise in unison and say we the people.

Alberto Del Rio was out next. He told Colter to shut up and that the only thing people would remember was Del Rio becoming number 1 contender. Del Rio said he would send “Jumanji Man” Zeb Colter back to where he came from.

Mark Henry emerged and offered his version of what would be remembered on Sunday. He mentioned setting a world record for pulling semis. He played to the “What?” chants and said he’d be pulling, dragging and beating Sheamus. He said people would remember he’s the strongest man in the world, because that’s what I do.

Next up was Sheamus, who said he would leave Henry battered and bruised with welts and marks. He asked why wait until Sunday. Sheamus chased the heels away with his strap but accidentally hit Orton – legit accidentally, not a work. Went to commercial with Orton, Sheamus, Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez in the ring…

Back from break, Teddy Long entered. He said after the last segment he was ready for Extreme Rules. He set up tonight’s six-man main event: Henry, Show and Swagger vs. Orton, Sheamus and Del Rio.

Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger were on the Tron for a prerecorded promo. Colter ranted against the government from a conservative standpoint, touching on shady IRS activities and the Benghazi situation. Colter blasted Del Rio and said he wasn’t one of us. Colter questioned whether Ziggler was really injured or just afraid. He said he and Swagger were vilified for speaking the truth. He said real Americans never quit, but Del Rio would. He said Del Rio would quit, take his sombrero, and run back home. Swagger finished it off with “we the people”…

Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Alberto Del Rio beat Mark Henry, Big Show, and Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) in a six-man tag. Lilian introduced Ricardo Rodriguez in Spanish, and Rodriguez introduced Del Rio in English. Ricardo was with bucket. Sheamus followed, then Orton before the heel team came out individually. Swagger and Del Rio started the match. Del Rio started hot, got Swagger to the corner and tagged in Orton. Swagger clipped Orton’s knee but Orton managed to tag Del Rio back in. Del Rio hit a shoulder-dive on Swagger outside the ring. Swagger tagged in Show, who started to beat up Del Rio.

Show hit Del Rio with a big chop and tagged in Swagger. Then Henry came in for the first time and continued the attack on Del Rio. Quick tags for the heel team until Del Rio incapacitated Swagger. Swagger was first to make the tag and Show came in with a splash on Del Rio.

Del Rio once again prevented from making the tag and was dragged back to the corner. More quick tags. Show with another chop behind the referee’s back. Del Rio took a beating from all three heels. Swagger locked in a submission move but Del Rio fought it off and moved out of the way of a charging Swagger in the corner. Del Rio still didn’t make the tag. Finally, a reverse on Big Show and Del Rio tagged in Sheamus.

Sheamus got Show up for the Irish Curse and delivered it. He set up for the Brogue kick but was distracted by Henry, and Show took over again. Sheamus was isolated in the corner as the heels went to work. Sheamus hit Swagger with a rolling slam but Henry got to Sheamus before Sheamus could get to Orton for the tag. The Sheamus hope spots kept getting squashed by the heels. He took heavy chops from Show.

Swagger continued the beating on Sheamus. The crowd was strongly behind the babyface. Sheamus hit an electric chair and made the tag to Orton. Randy performed several clotheslines to Swagger, but Henry took him down. Del Rio hit a dropkick on Henry. Swagger locked in the Patriot Lock, but Orton hit the RKO on Swagger for the win. The babyfaces celebrated. In the melee, Sheamus also hit Big Show with a Brogue Kick to close out the taping for Smackdown.


SPOILERS WWE SmackDown Results For This Friday

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Kyle Hicks and The One Nerd from The One Nerd’s Opinion Video Show for sending in these results from tonight’s WWE TV taping at the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas:

The MizTV logo and the Fandango sign are hanging over the ring.

They show a full WrestleMania recap.

The show is kicking off with MizTV. Miz introduces Randy Orton, so it appears as MizTV will be replacing The Highlight Reel. Shortly after, The Big Show entered the ring. Jack Swagger interrupted, and shortly after, Alberto Del Rio came out. Then Mark Henry came to the ring. Then Sheamus. Chaos erupts in the ring, and Del Rio, Orton and Sheamus cleaned house. Teddy Long came out to announce Del Rio, Orton and Sheamus vs. Henry, Swagger and Big Show for later tonight.

There was a promo with Uncle Zeb blasting the U.S. Government for the recent scandals involving the IRS. He said that Del Rio would quit this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton defeated Sheamus vs. Mark Henry, Jack Swagger and The Big Show after Orton hit a RKO on Swagger. The faces celebrated to end the show.


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