WWE.com’s Guide to Extreme Rules stipulation matches

BY Michael Burdick

May 15, 2013

Hardcore takes center stage at Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view, when the top Superstars of WWE will be pushed to their limits — employing a slew of nasty match stipulations that will decide their fate. WWE.com explores the specific types of danger in store for the combatants as they step into the extreme.


“I Quit” Match

No question about it, the idealistically opposed Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger hate each other with a passion. And it is hard to imagine that either one of the determined athletes would ever give in to the other, especially when a World Heavyweight Title opportunity is on the line.

Enter the “I Quit” Match, where the only way for a Superstar to win is to make his adversary utter the words “I Quit.” Considering that you can do anything you want to your opponent to make that happen, the battle over “Jack Swagger’s America” will, without a doubt, reach a new level of anguish this Sunday.