Complete WWE House Show Results 5.17.13: Bowling Green, KY

Posted by Larry Csonka on 05.18.2013

Del Rio submitted Swagger in a no-DQ match. This stipulation was voted on by the fans in attendance who texted one of two choices (the other being 2-out-3-falls, which lost 94 to 6%). AJ ran out, followed by Big E who attacked Del Rio, and hit his finisher but Del Rio kicked out of Swagger’s cover and later dropkicked Big E off the apron before submitting Swagger with the armbreaker.

A very uncomfortable pair of promos by Swagger and then Zeb Colter before Del Rio came out with Ricardo, especially Zeb Colter’s. The Bowling Green crowd was very mixed with a lot of whites, African-Americans and Hispanics, and Colter went on about Bowling Green being the home of Sen. Rand Paul and “a part of Jack Swagger’s America”. Swagger carried out a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag. Very heated, and as I said very uncomfortable at least personally.

All things considered, had Mark Henry been there I would have been over the moon. I knew Ziggler wouldn’t be there because of his concussion, which is understandable. Overall, an enjoyable show in front of a crowd that really was into a lot of the action.

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