Alberto Del Rio def. Jack Swagger (‘I Quit’ Match)

BY Michael Burdick

May 19, 2013

ST. LOUIS — In a completely brutal showdown at Extreme Rules, Alberto Del Rio survived Jack Swagger’s ruthless assault, punishing the “Real American” to such an extent that he made his proud adversary utter those fateful words, “I Quit!” As a result, the Mexican Superstar has become the No. 1 contender to World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler!

The hatred of the imminent struggle began even before the ringing of the bell, as Zeb Colter spouted his explosive rhetoric against the recent actions of the government, St. Louis and the WWE Universe, and Del Rio himself. He said that “real” Americans never quit!

The barbarous action took off moments later, a festival of pain that incorporated Kendo sticks, a dismantled ring barricade, the unforgiving steel steps and ring post, a steel chair, the ring ropes themselves and even the referee’s microphone — all the while, the official stood close by and repeatedly asked whether Del Rio or Swagger wished to give in to the continuing barrage of anguish.

Then, a towel was added to the list of weapons, when Zeb Colter suddenly threw Ricardo Rodriguez’s white flag into the ring and then made it look like Del Rio’s friend had literally thrown in the towel. Though the referee called for the bell and it looked as if Swagger would be triumphant, additional referee involvement and an extremely rare use of instant replay caused the match to be restarted.

And in the continued struggle, Del Rio roared back, locking Swagger in the Cross Armbreaker to make his opponent scream his concede.

From the time it was announced, the “I Quit” Match between Del Rio and Swagger, a contest where the only way to win would be for one of them to give up, provided the perfect recipe for all-out chaos. After all, when you took such idealistically opposed Superstars — whose hate for each other went way between whoever’s arm might be raised when the bell rang — it was simply unfathomable that either one of them would admit defeat to the world, especially when a World Heavyweight Title opportunity was on the line. The only way that would happen would be in the wake of total destruction. And neither athlete disappointed at WWE’s annual hardcore holiday.

Now that Del Rio has conquered “Jack Swagger’s America,” he has earned the right to try and pry the World Title loose from Ziggler’s grasp. But considering the controversy surrounding the Extreme Rules result, time will tell whether Swagger and Zeb Colter will have something to say about that.