Smackdown House Show Report - Regina, SK

Hey everyone,

So I just landed home after seeing the Smackdown house show from Regina, Saskatchewan. Here’s a detailed report that I sent off to a couple websites:

Before the show, I have to admit that I didn’t have the highest of hopes because there were some major names not being advertised, as well as names that everyone already knew wouldn’t be there. This show didn’t have Ziggler, Orton, Big Show, or Mark Henry. But truthfully, in the end I didn’t care because I was damn impressed with the caliber of action and overall entertainment that we got. To me, it seemed like there was a memo that all talent received that said, “We’re lacking in top names tonight, really put the effort into your matches.”

Regina didn’t care, either. Saskatchewan’s relationship with WWE has always been very odd; we don’t get the number of shows that other provinces get like Ontario, Quebec or even Alberta, so I think the mindset is that we’re happy to get whatever they offer.

My brother and I were pretty lucky before the show. We met Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Miz and Natalya outside a gym right near the arena in the afternoon and got photos with all of them. They were more than gracious and it’s very cool to have that sort of ‘extra’ experience with them outside of the show atmosphere.

The crowd was into this show from start to finish. A good mix of families with kids and older fans (more than a few Attitude Era fans still left in these parts).

On to the matches…

Alberto Del Rio tapped out Big E. Langston in roughly 14 minutes: You read that right. To the best of my knowledge, has Big E tapped out on TV/PPV yet? Because he did here. They did the bit where people tweeted whether AJ should be allowed at ringside. I laughed when the vote was a landslide vote of ‘Yes’. The red-blooded male wins again. Very good match, I’d say 2nd best of the night besides the main event. Del Rio really has the Ricky Steamboat “dying a beautiful death” babyface-in-peril selling down. Big E looked like an absolute monster at times. Some fun outside antics by Ricardo and AJ. In the end, Big E finally tapped on Del Rio’s second attempt at the Cross Armbreaker. After the match, Ricardo has everyone sing Happy Birthday to Alberto, who turned 36.

Overall, a very cool house show that more than exceeded my expectations with the absences of Ziggler/Orton/Show/Henry. Lots of action and getting to meet a handful of the superstars before the show was excellent.

Top matches - Barrett/Sheamus - Del Rio/Langston - Fandango/Miz

Top Pops - Sheamus - Miz - Del Rio - AJ being allowed to stay at ringside (no lie)

Heat Magnets - Fandango - Barrett - Langston

Final Thought: I’d put attendance at around 5000, maybe more, which is awesome for a Smackdown house show, and especially one that suffered from a lack of main event talent. I think it also helps that WWE didn’t book a house show in Saskatoon, because the two cities are only a couple hours apart and it forces fans from that city to travel to Regina, which only helps the attendance and live gate revenue. After all, Saskatoon is my home arena and I didn’t care about driving three hours for this show.

SHOW RESULTS - 5/25 WWE in Regina, Sask., Canada: Sheamus vs. IC champ main event, Del Rio Birthday Bash, Fandango vs. Miz, more from the Smackdown crew

May 26, 2013 - 12:44:31 AM

WWE Smackdown house show results, May 25, 2013, Regina, Sask., Canada, Report by Tom, PWTorch reader

(4) Alberto Del Rio beat Big E. Langston. It was Del Rio’s birthday, so he got a nice Happy B-Day sing-along from the crowd.

Good show despite the lack of any real big names. Reports 10/article_70855.shtml


By Dion Morroy on 2013-05-26 11:47:03

Here are the results from the Smackdown house show in Regina.

Big E vs. ADR: AJ and Ricardo came out so AJ stays! Lots of “Si” chants!! ADR won with armbreaker. Ricardo says it’s ADR’s birthday and crowd sings him happy birthday!! Big E was awesome here!! Great sub for Ziggler!! Great great match!!

Other then the Canadian stampede the best show I’ve ever been to!! It was awesome!!

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