By Richard Trionfo on 2013-05-27 20:12:53

Tonight, the WWE returns to Canada for a special episode of Raw as we celebrate Memorial Day and this show is dedicated to the Armed Forces. What is the latest update on Triple H’s condition? What is next for Ryback and John Cena as they move towards their Ambulance Match at Payback? What will the Shield do tonight? Will they even mention that Dolph Ziggler has a concussion too?

We are in Calgary . . .

Alberta, Canada and your announcers are Michael ‘If I mention that you should download the WWE App for a minute’ Cole, Jerry ‘Tonight we are in the HartLand’ Lawler, and John ‘Should I use Loonie or Toonie when insulting my fellow announcers’ Layfield.

Match Number One: Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez) versus Big E Langston (with AJ Lee)

They lock up and Langston with punches and shoulders in the corner. Del Rio with a drop kick but Langston stays on his feet. Langston charges at Del Rio and Del Rio drops down and Langston goes over the top rope to the floor. Del Rio with a suicide dive onto Langston. Langston sends Del Rio into the apron and then he drops Alberto on the ring steps before returning to the ring and he gets a near fall.

Langston with a bear hug and Del Rio punches and kicks Langston to escape. Langston catches Del Rio coming from the turnbuckles and he hits three consecutive back breakers for a near fall. Langston misses a charge into the corner and he hits the ring post with his shoulder.

Del Rio with two clotheslines and Langston does not go down. Del Rio with another clothesline and then he avoids a clothesline from Langston and Del Rio with a lungblower. Del Rio with a super kick for a near fall. Del Rio tries for the float over into the cross arm breaker but Langston escapes and he hits a belly-to-belly suplex.

The straps are down but Del Rio with a single arm DDT. AJ pulls off the top turnbuckle and the referee fixes it while Del Rio applies the cross arm breaker. Langston is able to turn over and he picks up Del Rio. Del Rio sends Langston into the exposed turnbuckle and he gets the three count with a rollup.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, AJ tries to apologize to Langston and say that it was not her fault. Langston leaves the ring and AJ follows after.


By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-27 23:06:31

After Raw went off the air, WWE broadcast the Bret Hart Appreciation Night via The Score in Canada and their App.

The special opened with the traditional WWE open followed by a special opening for the Appreciation Night. Jerry Lawler, in the ring, welcomed everyone tuning in and then sent it to a video on Hart’s legacy.

Lawler then brought out the “guest of honor” Bret Hart, who received a monster reaction in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta Canada. Hart was limping slightly thanks to his most recent knee surgery. He did his signature pose. The crowd chanted “Thank you Bret.”

Lawler read a proclamation from the city of Calgary, announcing that it was Bret Hart Day in the city. They recapped all of Hart’s championships in the wrestling business, noting he held 32 titles and was the first man to hold the WWF and WCW triple crown.

Hart took the mic and said he hasn’t received something like this in a long time and it’s a huge honor. He said that he could feel his father, Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith watching. That led to a huge “Owen” chant. Hart said it was as proud a day as he could ever have and he would remember every fan that came today. He said it was something more genuine than wearing belts because it came from the city. He said he could feel the presence of his family members who were there and were gone.

Hart said he wanted to thank his children for having patience with him while he spent so many years away being a hero to everyone else. He said they made the sacrifice. They showed his kids in the crowd and a lot of them were crying.

Hart talked about when he first started in the business and namechecked Ed Whalen, JR Foley and Dr D. David Schultz. He said that when he came to WWE, a lot of the fans didn’t know where Calgary was but after ten years, they knew. He praised Mr. Perfect and Davey Boy Smith for having great matches with him and said he’d like to thank everyone he ever got into the ring with, even if it was one time.

Hart thanked his wife Stephanie for all she’s done for him over the last few years. He then thanked Jerry Lawler, noting he was one of the best adversaries he ever had ever. He told a story of how Owen Hart once got angry over what Lawler would say while knocking Stu and Helen Hart, so Bret asked Jerry to lay off a little, then he went home and found out his mom just loved it all and actually became a fan. Hart said that if you ever met his Mom, you’d know how amazing that was.

Hart said that he was thankful he got to show the world that the Calgary guys could wrestle but never got to wrestle here enough once he got to WWE.

Lawler said that there are a lot of people in the back who love Hart and want to show their love. They introduced Pat Patterson, who came to the ring and hugged Hart. Patterson had tears in his eyes. He said he’s been in the business for 55 years and is a Canadian. He said Hart was the best wrestling Canadian of all time. He bowed down before Hart on one knee. Hart said when Patterson goes to his knees, he gets scared.

Lawler then introduced another great Canadian wrestler who said Hart had a huge impact on his life. Out came Chris Jericho to his theme song. Jericho said it was cool to stand in the ring one on one with Hart, finally, for the first time in his career, but he’s wrestled Hart in his mind millions of times. Jericho said when he grew up in Winnipeg, he just wanted to get to WWE to be like his heroes Bret and Owen Hart. He said he came to Calgary to train with Stu. Jericho told the story of the Stu Hart Birthday Show in Calgary in 1995. Hart was there to pay tribute to Stu and Jericho was backstage visiting. Hart was listening to the boys’ suggestions for finishes for a PPV bout against Davey Boy. Jericho suggested the La Magistral and they ended up using it. Jericho said he thought it was so classy that the WWF champion used the suggestion of a nobody and it gave Jericho inspiration to continue in the business and work at being the best he was. Jericho said he hopes to continue to be half the man Bret was and praised him.

Lawler said a big part of Hart’s legacy will be the Survivor Series in 1997. The crowd booed. Lawler noted that there’s been a lot of time and they’ve buried the hatchet, then introduced Shawn Michaels. Michaels received a nice pop for his entrance. Michaels joked he was expecting “a lot worse” tonight. Michaels said that every great hero needed an arch-enemy. He said he was honored to be Lex Luthor to Bret Hart’s Superman. He congratulated Hart on a stellar career and there’s never been a more deserving person on a more deserving night. They hugged.

Lawler then introduced Vince McMahon, who got one of the biggest pops of either Raw or this broadcast. He came out doing the Vince strut. Vince said it was fitting that Hart was being honored in the same place he started. He said that Bret’s family was involved in Stampede Wrestling and they are all here tonight. He said that Bret had his own era and brought a legitimacy that was never there before. He said that Hart brought a certain skill and that was overlooked at times by the promotion. He said that Hart became the WWF champion because he earned it the old fashioned way. He said Hart was the Excellence of Execution because everyone he stepped into the ring with became better for it. He said Hart was being rightfully celebrated for being the Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will be. Vince then ribbed Calgary, asking Bret when he was going to leave this “cow dung” town. The crowd booed and he said he was joking. He said this may be in Calgary but there are fans all over the world who say thank you.

Hart said he gets asked all the time about his relations with Vince and WWE. Hart said they had a shaky ending but he had so many great years and great wrestlers he worked with. He said that no one would know who Bret was if it wasn’t for WWE. He really loves what his life has become and for being a Calgarian hero. He thanked Vince, saying it was due to him. He thanked Shawn Michaels for coming, saying it re-enforces the bond they created a few years ago. He thanked everyone for coming and thanked everyone who was in the ring for being with him in different places around the world. He said he would continue being the best ‘old hero’ in Calgary that he could be.

Hart joked there were 20,000 Calgarians there and they could “get” Vince and Shawn now if they wanted. He then said he would never let Calgary down and thanked everyone for their support.

Hart hugged everyone in the ring.

The WWE locker room came out on the stage as Tyson Kidd and Natalya entered the ring to embrace Hart. You could see Lance Storm was there as well. Hart had a massive smile on his face.

They closed out with some slow motion replays of Hart greeting those who honored him before finishing up with Hart holding the proclamation.

I am told this will likely pop up on Youtube. Be sure to check it out when it does. Really classy segment.

What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air: Bret Hart Appreciation Night, HBK, Jericho, Vince

By Raj Giri | May 27, 2013

A great video was shown highlighting Bret Hart’s career.

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler introduced Bret, who came to the ring. Lawler presented Hart with a plaque, with the mayor of Calgary declaring May 27th “Bret Hart Day.”

Bret said he was honored, and that he could feel his father, Owen and The British Bulldog watching him. The crowd erupted into an “Owen” chant. Hart said that it was about as proud a day as he could have, and it meant more than wrestling titles because it came from the people of Calgary.

Bret thanked his kids for putting up with him while he was on the road. He choked up a little, and thanked them again for their sacrifice. He said that he was always proud to be from Canada and his career in Stampede Wrestling, which led to his WWE career. He said that when he first started with WWE, most people didn’t know where Calgary was, but they did 10 years later.

Hart named Mr. Perfect and The British Bulldog as wrestlers who contributed to his success, and thanked every wrestler he faced. He also thanked Lawler, who he called one of his greatest adversaries. He brought up Lawler ripping on his parents during their feud, and said that while Owen was irate over it, his mom loved it and became a wrestling fan. Hart called Lawler one of the greatest villains he’s ever worked with and thanked him again.

Hart said that he wished that he had more matches in Calgary. Lawler said that Calgary loves Bret “The Hitman” Hart, and that there are others who love him as well. He then introduced the first-ever WWE Intercontinental Champion, Pat Patterson.

Patterson admitted that Hart was one of the great Canadian wrestlers of all time. Hart said that he gets nervous when Patterson gets down to one knee. Wow. Lawler tried to play the joke off, as did Patterson. Lawler then introduced Chris Jericho.

Jericho said that he never wrestled Bret, but that he had a thousand times in his mind. He said he always wanted to be like his two heroes, Owen and Bret. Jericho always wanted to wrestle Bret, and noted that there was a Stu Hart birthday show in 1995 and that Bret was there, and was working with Davey Boy in a couple of days. Bret was looking for a move that wasn’t a sharpshooter, and demonstrated a roll up, which Bret ended up using. Jericho said that it was so classy that Bret would use that movie and take advice from a rookie. Jericho thanked Bret, and said that he was one of the top 2 wrestlers of all time, and that he deserved this night. Lawler then noted that part of Bret’s legacy would always be defined by the Survivor Series, and that he was always linked to two men. Lawler then introduced Shawn Michaels.

HBK took the mic and thanked the crowd for their reaction, noting that he was expecting worse. Michaels said that every great hero needed an arch-enemy, and that he was honored to be Bret’s. HBK congratulated Bret and shook his hand, and said the there is probably not a more deserving person on a more deserving night. Lawler then introduced Vince McMahon.

Vince struts to the ring and shakes Bret’s hand when he enters. Vince said that it was fitting that he started in Calgary, and now he’s being honored there. Vince said that he started the Bret Hart era in WWE which brought a legitimacy to WWE that wasn’t there before. Vince noted that Bret became WWE Champion the old fashioned way – he earned it. He said that everyone learned a great deal wrestling Bret, and that tonight he is being rightfully honored as “the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.” Vince then asked when he was going to leave this cow-dung smelling town of Calgary. Vince said he was just ribbing, but that he would be leaving in 30 minutes on his private jet. Vince said that it wasn’t just about Calgary since there are millions watching, and they all have two words for Bret – “thank you.”

Bret took the mic again and said that while they had a shaky ending, no one would have known who Bret Hart was if it wasn’t for WWE. Bret said that he is very thankful for what his life has become, and that he owes all of it to Vince. Bret said that it means a lot that Vince and Shawn are there, and that it reinforces the bond he made with Shawn a couple of years ago. Bret said that these are the great moments that you take with you forever, and that he was very proud to be a Calgarian and a Canadian.

Lawler asked the fans to give it up for Bret again, and Bret embraced everyone in the ring. Most of the WWE stars walked to the ramp and clapped, including John Cena, Fandango and others. No Shield though. Natalya and Tyson Kidd entered the ring and gave Bret a hug. Bret soaked in the cheers from the crowd and that was the end of the celebration.

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