WWE House Show Results 5.26.13: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

Posted by Larry Csonka on 05.27.2013

Approximately 800 fans were in attendance. I was shocked at how sparse the crowd was as Alberta usually shows up for wrestling. The last announced WWE event scheduled for Medicine Hat was cancelled last year and I was disappointed as I had seats on the guard rail. Tonight me and my crew were in the second row.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Big E Langston with an Enziguri kick. This was a very good runner up for match of the night. Both of these guys put in a solid effort and deserve a pat on the back. Big E has the potential to be a monster heel and looked the part at times during this match. He is huge in person. The gimmick for the match was the fans had to vote via Twitter if AJ should be allowed to remain at ringside. She was permitted to stay and I thought for sure her presence would factor in the decision. To my surprise she did interfere but the decision came after a series of reversals and ADR hit the Enziguri for the win. There was a nice pop for the victory.

Notes: All in all, a good show presented even with the lack of star power. I wish I would have got to see Mark Henry as I really enjoy him putting opponents into the Hall of Pain.


WWE House Show Results (5/26): Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

by Nick Paglino

May 27, 2013

Thanks to Mike Krakalovich for sending this in:

Alberto Del Rio defeated Big E Langston…this match featured a Twitter vote where the crowd voted on whether or not AJ would be at ringside. Surprisingly, the vote was overwhelmingly in favor of her staying. This was a very good match.

Overall, the card was enjoyable. Much better matches than the last time WWE came to Medicine Hat. Definitely worth the $95 dollars I paid for a front row seat. The crowd was awesome. And the set they use for house shows is great. Video screens and everything. It’s so much better than before. Can’t wait until they come back.


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