5/28 WWE Smackdown taping spoilers: Full coverage of the taping for Friday’s television show (spoilers)

May 28, 2013 - 09:33 PM

Dot Net reader Brad White is at the WWE Smackdown taping in Edmonton, Alberta and sent the following report. Refresh the page for the last updates.

Big E Langston (w/AJ Lee) beat Alberto Del Rio in 4:30. Langston dominated the beginning of the match. Del Rio tried to get the upper hand but could not. AJ got in a cheap shot at one point. Big E won by pinfall.

Overall it was a great show. WWE kept the crowd going with video packages during breaks. Daniel Bryan was by far the fan favorite.


SPOILERS WWE SmackDown Results For This Friday

By Marc Middleton | May 28, 2013

Thanks to Mikel for the following WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Big E Langston defeated Alberto Del Rio by pinfall. AJ Lee interfered towards the end and got in a cheap shot.


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