Dolph Ziggler脑震荡还没好,Jack Swagger因为法律问题无法入境加拿大……

Alberto Del Rio真孤独~

Reason For Recent Big E Langston Vs. Alberto Del Rio Matches, WWE SMS And Main Event Ratings

By Marc Middleton | May 30, 2013

The reason Big E Langston and Alberto Del Rio have been wrestling a lot lately is because of Dolph Ziggler being out. They were forced to wrestle again at this week’s WWE TV tapings because Jack Swagger wasn’t allowed into Canada due to his legal troubles.

Big E Langston和Alberto Del Rio最近经常比赛是因为Dolph Ziggler的休战。他们在 本周电视录制中被迫再次进行比赛,因为Jack Swagger由于法律麻烦而无法进入加拿大。