WWE House Show Results 6.01.13: Bethlehem, PA

Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.01.2013

The Ring Announcer for the Evening was Tony Chimmel

Match 3: Kaitlyn b. AJ Lee to retain the Divas Championship

AJ locked in her Black Widow submission, but Kaitlyn made it to the ropes to break the hold…moments later, Kaitlyn hit the spear for the win…

AJ whined to referee Mike Chioda and Tony Chimmel that she should be the Divas Champion which brought out the World Champion, Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston. Dolph consoled AJ and told her it was only a matter of time until she was Divas Champion. Dolph then addressed the crowd and said that he’d love to be defending the World Title tonight but he hasn’t been cleared by doctors to compete. It’s ok though, because tonight, his protégé, Big E Langston was going to beat Alberto Del Rio…this gets us results for the fan choice match where the choices of stipulation were a 2 out of 3 falls match or No DQ…the results showed that Bethlehem wanted t see a No DQ Match…

Match 4: Alberto Del Rio b. Big E Langston in a No DQ Match

Good match that involved a table, kendo stick, and a chair at different points…Langston went through the table, both took kendo stick shots, and Langston ate the chair when he tried to bring it in and Del Rio dropkicked it into his face. AJ distracted Mike Chioda and Ziggler was going to try to get in the ring and hit Del Rio with the World Title belt but Chioda saw him coming in and ejected Dolph and AJ from ringside. The finish came just after they made it to the back, when, if I am remembering correctly, Langston tapped to the cross arm bar…

Stabler Arena holds up to 6,000 people…with the top of the entrance ramp side empty, I would say there were about 4,000 people in attendance…a pretty good crowd overall.

Orton and Daniel Bryan got the loudest pops…Dolph and Del Rio got pretty nice pops as well

Slater, Sandow and Rhodes got the most heat…The Shield got a mixed reaction as did AJ Lee


Dolph Ziggler Appears At Tonight’s WWE Live Event (W/ Photo), Is He Cleared To Wrestle?

By Raj Giri | June 01, 2013

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Zachary Border for sending in this note from tonight’s SmackDown live event at the Stabler Arena in Bethlehem, PA, which is currently in progress.

WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn defeated AJ Lee at tonight’s live event. After the match, AJ just sat in the middle of the ring. Dolph Ziggler’s music hit, and he came out to console her. Ziggler said that the doctor did not clear him to wrestle, but he was going to watch Big E Langston defeat Alberto Del Rio in a No-DQ match.

The match happened next, but Ziggler and AJ were ejected from ringside after interfering.

We will post full results from the show once it is over. You can check out a photo, courtesy of Zachary Border, of Ziggler consoling AJ at tonight’s event below


WWE Live Event Results From Bethlehem (6/1): Ziggler Returns, Daniel Bryan Gets RKO’d

By Raj Giri | June 02, 2013

hanks to WrestlingINC.com readers Al Foyle and Zachary Border for sending in this report from last night’s SmackDown live event in Bethlehem, PA:

The arena had one side blocked off above the entrance stage. It was not very full in all the other sections, but about 75% full for the other sections. One thing WWE does well, they get the family involved. It seemed like every person had kids with them.

Kaitlyn v. AJ Lee

Kaitlyn wins with the spear. After the match, AJ pouted and wouldn’t leave ring. Dolph Ziggler and Big E. entered, Ziggler cuts a promo about doctors not clearing him to wrestle so he’ll sit and watch Big E. beat Del Rio. The crowd boos, unsure though if they were booing Ziggler or that doctors wouldn’t let him wrestle.

Del Rio v. Big E (no DQ match)

Del Rio sets a table up to get crowd pumped for the payoff. Big E. used a kendo stick several times, and there was a huge pop when Big E. went awkwardly through a table in the corner. Del Rio wins. Very huge pop for Del Rio, WWE have found their next big Latin superstar, his face turn has been done very well.

Ziggler and AJ were ejected before the finish, not sure why for trying to interfere in a no DQ match?

Biggest Pops Randy Orton Alberto Del Rio Team Hell No Sin Cara

Most Heat The Shield (Lot of older guys inlcuding me were pro-Shield) Dolph Ziggler/Big E. Damien Sandow Heath Slater

Surprise mix reaction Cody Rhodes


Another Detailed Report Of Last Night’s WWE Live Event In PA: Ziggler Returns, The Shield Headlines

By Raj Giri | June 02, 2013

Another Detailed Report Of Last Night’s WWE Live Event In PA: Ziggler Returns, The Shield Headlines

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Jeff Warner (@Jeff1470TheFox) for sending in this report for last night’s SmackDown live event in Bethlehem, PA:

Women’s Championship Match: Kaitlyn defeated AJ Lee. It was basically a sucky cat fight. Kaitlyn had complete control for most of the match besides a few headlocks by AJ, but Kaitlyn then nailed a DDT and picked up the victory.

After the match AJ is throwing a tamper tantrum in the ring acting like a child, and that is when Dolph Ziggler came out with Big E to comfort her. He told her to not worry, and that she’ll be Diva’s champion in no time and we will be the best couple in WWE history. And then talks about how great Big E is. He beat Alberto on Friday Night Smackdown and he is going to beat him tonight. This then set up the next match…

No DQ Match: Alberto Del Rio defeated Big E Langston. This was the WWE Universe pick em match, we had to text to vote between two choices. A 2 out of 3 falls match or a No DQ Match. We all know the obvious pick.

It was pretty much like the last 20 times we seen these two face off. Alberto using his ability and speed while Big E was showing off his strength. He caught Alberto a few times off the top rope and slammed him down or did some back breakers.

Big E then goes for the kendo stick and used that to smack Alberto around and choked him a little bit. Del Rio counters and takes control of the match. The chant starts “We Want Tables” and sure enough he pulls one out and just sets it up in the corner of the ring. Each try to put their opponent through the table but fail. Big E then goes for a chair and misses where Del Rio counters Big E and slams him into the steps.

While Big E is shaken up and the ref has his back turned checking on him, Ziggler stands on the apron about to nail Del Rio with the belt but ref turns around just in time and bans Ziggler from ring side…. Alberto takes advantage while Big E complains and locks in the arm breaker. Langston shows off his strength again by countering it and lifting del rio on his shoulders to power bomb him through the table but Del Rio counters that and slams Langston through the table to pick up the win.


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