WWE Live Event Results From Poughkeepsie (6/2): Ziggler Appears, Orton Teams With Bryan & Kane

By Raj Giri | June 02, 2013

WWE Live Event Results From Poughkeepsie (6/2): Ziggler Appears, Orton Teams With Bryan & Kane Photo: Braiden Mescall Thanks to one of our readers for sending in this report from tonight’s SmackDown live event in Poughkeepsie, NY:

Pretty much a full house. Smaller venue so it made it feel more intimate.

Chimmel asks for fans to vote how they want the Big E vs Del Rio match to go: 2 out of 3 falls or NO-DQ.

Next match is for the Divas title. AJ comes out alone. Then Kaitlyn. The have a good match, especially for a Divas match. Kaitlyn survives the widow’s peak and eventually wins with a huge spear. It was very well done.

Dolph Ziggler’s entrance music hits and he comes out in a suit with Big E. He gets a strong ovation by the crowd besides some young kids chanting Ziggler sucks and booing him. He keeps up his heel role telling the fans to shut up and then going on to say he’s the best in the business and the WHC. He says AJ tried hard and that she’ll win the belt like him. Then said he’ll back up Big E tonight since he can’t compete. The match is revealed as a DQ match. Ricardo is announced. The fans announced Del Rio with him and Del Rio comes out to a big pop. It was a good match with a lot of back and forth. A fan yelled about Big E’s man boobs and Del Rio went out to him and started a Big Boobs chant directed towards Big E. This kept coming back throughout the match. A table was brought out earlier on but not used. Eventually Del Rio was taken down with shots from a kendo stick. The ref was distracted by AJ and Dolph tried interfering and hitting Del Rio with the belt. The ref ejected AJ and Dolph. Del Rio hit a Cross Armbreaker soon after and Big E powered out and was gonna powerbomb him through the table set in the corner. Del Rio got down and Irish Whipped him into the table and Big E broke through it. Del Rio pinned him for the win.

Biggest pops Randy Orton Daniel Bryan Dolph Ziggler Del Rio

Most heat Shield Damien Sandow Heath Slater Dolph Ziggler (younger fans)


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