Raw results: The McMahons unite against Triple H, Daniel Bryan runs rampant and Curtis Axel strikes again

BY Anthony Benigno

June 03, 2013

Alberto Del Rio def. Big E Langston

Tied at 2-2 with Ziggler’s hefty heavy, Big E Langston, Alberto Del Rio took to the ring on Raw looking to avenge his most recent loss. Del Rio was ultimately successful in the endeavor, although it took every bit of his considerable cunning to defeat the big man for a third time.

Seemingly anticipating Del Rio’s technically sound game plan, Langston unleashed his little-seen speed in the bout’s opening minutes, bouncing across the ring and leaving The Essence of Excellence flattened in his wake. A series of backbreakers seemed to spell doom for The Pride of Mexico, but Del Rio reversed the tide and applied the Cross Armbreaker. Anticipating Big E’s powerful counter to the maneuver, Del Rio used his ring savvy to reverse the reversal into an unorthodox rollup pin, putting Langston down for three. Olé