Raw results: Cena and Ryback meet at ‘Hell’s’ gate, Ziggler returns, and McMahon family business turns ugly

BY Anthony Benigno

June 10, 2013

Chris Jericho def. Big E Langston

A good bodyguard protects his charge at all costs, but Big E’s attempts to secure Dolph Ziggler’s safety led to a personal shortcoming when it cost him the impromptu bout against Chris Jericho that Ziggler had tossed him into on Raw.

With a series of victories over Alberto Del Rio under his belt, Langston had been giving the former Undisputed Champion all he could handle and then some in their inaugural tussle on Raw. Attempted interference by Ziggler tossed the bout into turmoil, however, when Alberto Del Rio arrived to even the odds. The interference threw Langston off his game just long enough for a reeling Y2J to execute the Codebreaker and hand Big E a shocking upset loss.