By Richard Trionfo on 2013-06-14 22:00:53

Tonight, Dolph Ziggler returns to the ring after making his return to a WWE arena on television Monday night. We will have a tag match based on what happened on Raw. Randy Orton was giving an RKO to Daniel Bryan at the end of Smackdown. On Raw, they were kind of buddy buddy. On Sunday, they will be ‘strange bedfellows’ with a chance to win the Tag Titles. What will happen when we have a six man tag match featuring the participants in the United States and Tag Title matches?

We are in Greensboro, North Carolina and your announcers are Michael ‘Can I say Cackalackey’ Cole and John ‘No, you cannot’ Layfield.

Teddy Long is on the phone talking about the return of CM Punk and other stuff on Smackdown. Teddy says that he is going to enjoy a Hardee’s cheeseburger that happens to be in the front of the screen.

Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston, and AJ Lee interrupt Teddy as he tries to eat the cheeseburger that is the size of his head.

Langston says that Teddy looks so busy. Dolph says that it is his return to Smackdown. It has been a month since he has been on his show. Dolph says that he is two days away from the biggest title defense of his career, and he heard that he is going to be in a tag match against Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho.

Teddy says that he has a show to run.

Dolph says that Smackdown is nothing without the face of Smackdown. Maybe Teddy should rearrange his thoughts because tonight is just a taste of what he is going to do to Alberto Del Rio on Sunday.

Teddy is about to eat but he is interrupted by Big E Langston who takes the burger and eats it in front of Teddy. He gives what is left of the burger to Teddy and Teddy starts to cry.

We are back with a WWE Rewind: Footage of the concussion suffered by Dolph Ziggler.

Match Number Three: Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez) and Chris Jericho versus Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston (with AJ Lee) in a Set up on Raw Match

Ziggler has something to say to Del Rio before anyone locks up. Ziggler and Del Rio start things off but Ziggler decides to tag in Langston before doing anything. Del Rio wants Ziggler but Ziggler isn’t ready. They lock up and Langston sends Del Rio into the ropes. Langston with punches and shoulders in the corner. Del Rio with kicks and forearms.

Del Rio with a step up enzuigiri and then he tags in Jericho. Chris with a forearm and chops. Jericho with a kick to Langston followed by chops but Langston with a knee. Jericho with an enzuigiri followed by a drop kick for a near fall. Langston with a punch into the midsection followed by shoulders.

Langston with a punch to the midsection and Ziggler is tagged in. Ziggler with a series of kicks to Jericho and the referee warns him. Ziggler with a snap mare followed by a delayed leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Langston tags back in and he misses a splash into the corner. Jericho with a rollup for a near fall. Jericho follows with a drop kick and Del Rio is tagged in and he hits a running kick to the head. Del Rio with a side head lock. Langston with a shoulder tackle.

Del Rio with a lungblower and Ziggler tags in and tries to take advantage of the situation but Del Rio recovers and Ziggler goes to the floor. We go to commercial.

We are back and Jericho with elbows and Langston with a knee. Langston is sent over the top rope to the floor by Jericho. Jericho with a baseball slide to Langston. He goes to the floor and he sends Langston head first into the apron. Ziggler distracts the referee and that allows AJ to slap Jericho. Langston with a running knee to send Jericho off the apron. Langston sends Jericho into the ringside barrier.

Langston sends Jericho back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Langston with a punch and running body block for a near fall. Langston with a front face lock and he tags Ziggler back in. Ziggler with punches to Jericho and then he hits a neck breaker and he gets a near fall. Ziggler misses a splash into the corner and Jericho hits a bulldog.

Del Rio tags in and he hits two clotheslines on Ziggler and then he ducks a clothesline and hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Del Rio with a super kick to Ziggler. Langston with a running body block to Del Rio. Jericho sends Langston to the floor but Ziggler with a drop kick to Jericho. Del Rio with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Alberto Del Rio


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