SmackDown Results: Fiesta Del Rio turned into a Ziggler slugfest

BY Michael Burdick

June 28, 2013

Ziggler crashed Fiesta Del Rio

Capturing his forth World Title with a relentless assault on Dolph Ziggler at WWE Payback, World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio celebrated on SmackDown with Fiesta Del Rio, complete with balloons and a mariachi band!

After addressing the WWE Universe in Spanish, Del Rio broke open a piñata with Ziggler’s face on it, comparing it to the way he had attacked The Showoff before promising to repeat the onslaught at their impending Money in the Bank rematch.

However, the tide turned when a steady Ziggler crashed the party, putting Ricardo Rodriguez through a table before blasting Del Rio with the Zig Zag. While the Mexican Superstar managed to escape, Ziggler followed up by rocking his personal ring announcer with a guitar.

Feeling a celebration of his own was in order, the No. 1 contender joined the mariachi band with the broken instrument of destruction in hand – a true Fiesta del Ziggler!