Raw results: Champions clash, but Henry gets the final word

BY Anthony Benigno

July 01, 2013

WWE Champion John Cena def. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio

The glorious history of the WWE and World Heavyweight Champions reached its latest summit when WWE Champion John Cena clashed with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio on Raw, and while The Champ ultimately stood tall in the marquee collision, it was a fortuitous fracas that gave him the opening and an ominous gesture that ended his night on a down note.

The Essence of Excellence drew on his long history with Cena and used his instincts to his advantage, dodging his opponent’s power maneuvers in an attempt to let The Champ nearly punch himself out as the battle wore on. The respites served Del Rio well and kept him in the game, but Cena evened the field by applying the STF to Del Rio, weakening the World Champion and bringnig himself closer to the win. The arrival of Mark Henry threw The Champ off his game, but another surprise appearance by Dolph Ziggler distracted Del Rio long enough for Cena to unleash the Attitude Adjustment and win the match in the process.

The Champ’s night wasn’t done yet, though, as Henry entered the ring with the WWE Title in hand and seemed ready to attack a skittish Cena … but the No. 1 contender paused after The Champ’s frantic, instinctive step back from his advances and simply tossed the title at the champion’s feet. For all of his addresses over the past two weeks, it seems Henry made his strongest point yet without speaking a single word.