Raw results: The Wyatt Family arrives and a new GM is crowned

BY Anthony Benigno

July 08, 2013

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara went to a Double Count-out

Dolph Ziggler’s mind games cost Alberto Del Rio a Champion vs. Champion Match last week on Raw, and The Showoff struck again this week, worming his way into the psyche of the World Heavyweight Champion and throwing Del Rio’s match with Sin Cara into disarray.

Though Sin Cara was in rare form against The Essence of Excellence, Del Rio was competing under no small amount of duress. Ziggler (without AJ at his side once again despite her earlier promise) had no intention of leaving the champion six days before their hotly-anticipated rematch, aping Ricardo Rodriguez’s ring announcing and throwing The Mexican Aristocrat off his game. Del Rio ultimately ditched the match to tussle with Dolph, but Sin Cara quickly pounced on The Essence of Excellence, leaving a World Champion flattened for the second time in one night but concluding the bout in a double count-out.