xrspook:如果让Alberto Del Rio没有道理地在Payback赢了,但又在MITB迅速输回去,我觉得这毫无意义,除了WWE高层的目的是故意惩罚这个摔角手。自从赢了WHC以后,Alberto Del Rio没有在周赛上通过sub或pin赢过哪怕一场比赛。Dolph Ziggler每次偷袭且都成功仍不落入周赛定律的话,我真心无话可说。只能叹一句,奇葩的高层、奇葩的剧情组!

WWE Money in the Bank 2013 predictions

BY WWE.com Staff

July 11, 2013

With Money in the Bank mere days away, the WWE Universe is buzzing with speculation over which Superstars will come out on top at one of WWE’s wildest and most important pay-per-views of the year.

Who will strike pay dirt in the Money in the Bank Ladder Matches and leave Philadelphia with World Title Match contracts? Can World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio turn back the challenge of an incensed Dolph ZIggler? Will Mark Henry triumph over John Cena and finally lay claim to the WWE Title?

These are just a couple of the questions on the tip of the WWE Universe’s collective tongue. Join WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel and members of WWE.com’s editorial staff for match-by-match predictions of all the big battles this Sunday!


Dolph Ziggler vs. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio

Howard Finkel: I like The Mexican Aristocrat to prevail and retain his title. Don’t get me wrong, as I think that Ziggler will be at the top of his game. But in the long run, Del Rio has not forgotten any of the “embarrassments” that Ziggler has bestowed upon him, and will give a receipt back this Sunday. WINNER: Del Rio

Tom Herrera: Whether it’s the effects of his concussion or the shame of losing the World Heavyweight Championship, something’s been seriously eating Dolph Ziggler. The Showoff’s wildly random attacks on Alberto Del Rio have thrown a wrench into Del Rio’s cool and cocky demeanor, and that element of surprise should be exactly what Ziggler needs to reclaim the coveted title. WINNER: Ziggler

Alex Giannini: Del Rio’s newly (re)found mean streak may have catapulted him back into championship glory, but he did so on Dolph Ziggler’s time. And Ziggler knows it. Look for The Showoff to regain his momentum, and his title, on Sunday night. WINNER: Ziggler

Anthony Benigno: Dolph Ziggler’s newfound attitude has won over most haters, but he seems more concerned with cracking jokes than taking names. Expect Del Rio to tap into his rediscovered cruelty and keep his title safe. WINNER: Del Rio

John Clapp: The Showoff’s been acting like a man possessed since losing the championship gold, and Alberto Del Rio will suffer from the absence of Ricardo Rodriguez ringside Sunday. WINNER: Ziggler

Ziggler: 3, Del Rio: 2