WWE Live Event Results (7/13): Trenton, NJ - Two Top WWE Superstars Form Rare Tag Team

by Mike Killam July 14, 2013

WWE Live 7/13 Trenton, NJ

(6) Alberto del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler didn’t get started, as the two just brawled around the ring, with the world champion leaving with the upper hand.



By Jeff Sheridan on 2013-07-13 22:40:22

WWE in Trenton, NJ:

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio is unknown because the match lasted 2 minutes & nobody announced as to who won it.


Second Set of WWE House Show Results 07.13.13 - Trenton, New Jersey

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 07.14.2013

Sun Bank Arena was about 55% full. Every seat on floor was sold, few empty spots on lower level. A lot was empty on the upper level. The area by the entrance ramp was completely bare. Here are the matches and my opinions.

  1. Alberto Del Rio cuts a promo insulting Trenton and Dolph Ziggler.

  2. ADR vs Ziggler. What match?!?! ADR hit cheap shots on Ziggler during ring introduction. Bell never rang. Crowd was very disappointed including this lifelong fan. These two put on such an amazing match in Wildwood, this was the match I mainly came to see (Barrett vs Sheamus was not advertised). Safe to say Ziggler is now 100% face and he got the last laugh on Del Rio. Bad call on WWE management and bookers to not allow this match to happen.

Crowd went home extremely happy and ready for Money In The Bank!


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