Raw results: Cena chooses his destiny, RVD takes flight and Lesnar returns to punish Punk

BY Anthony Benigno

July 15, 2013

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler may come to rue the day he dumped AJ Lee. Not only did the devious Divas Champion cost Ziggler a rematch (albeit a non-title one) against World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio moments after Dolph dumped her, but the “Black Widow” and Big E Langston left The Showoff’s body as broken as her heart in one of the more devastating attacks in WWE history.

After a grueling battle, Ziggler unleashed a top-rope Famouser that had the champion dead to rights when AJ emerged from the timekeeper’s table and wildly clanged the ring bell in a bid to distract Dolph, and Del Rio capitalized with a skull-rattling kick to the head that sealed the contest. Adding insult to injury, AJ rained slaps on The Showoff’s body and unleashed Langston to administer the Big Ending on Ziggler (somewhat ironically, in the same arena where she dumped John Cena – literally – in favor of Dolph), before sealing the attack with a long kiss goodbye to the motionless Showoff. Show’s over.