Our 5 favorite Money in the Bank moments

BY Chris Butera

July 16, 2013

Money in the Bank featured a multitude of surprises and memorable moments in a city where Ladder Matches have always been welcome, Philadelphia.

The feedback from the WWE Universe has been reverberating globally about the event that will shape the fate of the WWE landscape for possibly the next year. There’s no telling where or when the two Money in the Bank Ladder Match winners will cash in their contracts, or if they will become the next WWE and World Champions, respectively.

SummerSlam is around the corner, but before we commence to the biggest event of the summer, let’s take a look at our five favorite moments from Money in the Bank.


AJ Lee costs Dolph Ziggler the World Heavyweight Championship

AJ Lee successfully defended her Divas Championship earlier in the night, but what she would do to her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler later on would become an even bigger moment.

Ziggler’s World Heavyweight Championship Match against Alberto Del Rio was beginning to pan in the challenger’s favor when AJ skipped to the ring, distracting him momentarily. Del Rio capitalized on the diversion and nearly defeated Ziggler, but The Show Off battled back. Ziggler continued to lose focus due to AJ’s presence, allowing Del Rio to regain control, nearly beating him with a superkick to the jaw.

Following an unsuccessful attempt at the Cross Armbar and a near fall on Ziggler, Del Rio pulled down his knee pad, exposing a knee brace. AJ panicked and rushed to the ring, hitting Del Rio with her Divas Championship just as Ziggler found an opportunity for the Zig-Zag.

The referee saw the interference and Del Rio retained his title via Disqualification. Emotions boiled over when Ziggler and AJ both realized what she did.