SmackDown Results: Orton pinned World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio; Vickie Guerrero and RVD returned!

BY Michael Burdick

July 19, 2013

Randy Orton def. Alberto Del Rio

On Sunday, Randy Orton emerged victorious in the Money in the Bank All-Stars Match, overcoming five other former World Champions to claim a WWE Title contract that he can cash in any time in the next year.

Photos of The Viper’s triumph over Del Rio

With no rest for the serpentine supreme, The Viper took on World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio in SmackDown’s main event. And in the final moments of the furious match, Orton rolled out of the titleholder’s dreaded Cross Armbreaker attempt, ducking out of the way of a wild kick to hit the RKO and pin the World Champion for a non-title victory!