据说是在WWE Raw 2013-07-22上被Sheamus弄断肋骨!!!!!!!!!看不出来啊,真的看不出来啊!他就这么能忍?Raw上我们都看不出有任何异样啊!

这周开始日程超变态的,连续4天的Raw和Smackdown录影,然后是2天的美国国内house show,连续工作6天,然后飞到南非,国际巡演5天,然后飞回美国,进行Raw和Smackdown,到2013-08-06日以后才有5天的休息。如果真的是断肋骨,这咋整?!!!!!!!!!作为顶级冠军,他甚至没有休息的任何时间。除非,WWE赶紧趁着明天Smackdown录影剥夺掉他的腰带……

但是!这周一在Raw上受伤,他已经在周二的Raw录影和Christian打了一场,而且据说是good match,周三的Smackdown录影又和Rob Van Dam打了一场,所以我可以认为或许受伤是某个炒作?

不管怎样,如果真的受伤,我希望Alberto Del Rio不要死撑,健康是根本,只有保持健康才能走得更远更好。但我更希望这纯粹是炒作,就如 今天早上那些污蔑ADR经常伤人的谣言 一样。


Alberto Del Rio Injured This Week, Speculation On The Ultimate Warrior, WrestleMania Creative

By Marc Middleton | July 25, 2013

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio suffered a broken rib in his match with Sheamus on Monday night but he’s working through it.



By Dave Scherer on 2013-07-25 10:23:50

The ABC affiliate in Houston has a story about Booker T day in the city at this link.

Speaking of Houston, WWE is taping the 8/2 edition of Smackdown there tonight. If you care going to the show and can send a report, please drop me an email.

The Raw crew is currently in the air, about half way to Australia where their tour of the country, and then later one show in China, begins tomorrow.

The word at Smackdown was that Alberto Del Rio suffered a rib injury this week. He worked a match at the taping last night.

Randy Orton worked a match at last night’s Smackdown taping as well.


WWE News: Steve Austin Interviews Scott Hall, Alberto Del Rio Injured, More

Posted by Larry Csonka on 07.25.2013

Alberto Del Rio suffered a rib injury this week. He worked a match at last night’s Smackdown tapings, and the word is that he plans to work through the injury.


Supuestamente Alberto del Río se fracturo una costilla en WWE RAW

25 julio 2013 superdavid1994

Según informa el editor del Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer, este pasado lunes en la transmisión del episodio de esta semana de WWE Monday Night RAW el actual World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto del Río se fracturo una costilla durante su combate ante “El Guerrero Celta” Sheamus.

La lesión de “El Patrón” no se ha considerado como grave, ya que anoche en las grabaciones de WWE SmackDown tuvo participación en el programa donde se enfrentó a Rob Van Dam y además no se espera que él este inactivo por un tiempo en lo que se recupera, aunque, puede que se reduzca su actividad en el cuadrilátero desde este momento hasta que se efectué el PPV WWE Summerslam 2013 para que así pueda tener un mayor descanso.


Two Former WWE Champions Injured, One Not Cleared

Two former WWE Champions are currently injured, but only one of them has medical clearance to continue wrestling.

Word is World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio sustained a broken rib in his match with Sheamus during the July 22 edition of WWE Raw. Del Rio is still medically cleared to wrestle and working through the injury.

Though The Big Show is not medically cleared to compete because of a nagging knee injury. Show was originally supposed to save Mark Henry when The Shield tried to beat him down on the most recent WWE Raw. Instead, The Usos made the save. WWE still wants Show to team up with Henry to take on The Shield in a handicap match at SummerSlam.


WWE News: World Champion Alberto Del Rio Injured at Raw Tapings

By Daniel Van Boom (Featured Columnist) on July 25, 2013

As the saying goes, wrestling isn’t ballet, and we’ve got yet another reminder of that.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via WrestlingInc.com) Alberto Del Rio suffered a pretty serious injury at this week’s Raw tapings.

The report states: “World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio suffered a broken rib in his match with Sheamus on Monday night but he’s working through it.”

This marks the second time in less than a month that The Great White has been involved in an injury incident; he punched Christian so hard at Money in the Bank that he chipped Captain Charisma’s tooth, according to PWInsider (via SEScoops.com).

But perhaps the most interesting part of the report comes at the end, where it says that Del Rio will work through the injury.

Just how long can a superstar work through WWE’s hectic schedule with a broken rib?

The Essence of Excellence may be able to bear the pain for now, but that could change with one rough match.

With that said, perhaps officials may consider taking the belt off the Essence of Excellence so that if time off is required, it won’t result in an awkward championship forfeit.

But that begs another question, who would he drop the gold to? Del Rio has yet to enter a new feud since defeating Dolph Ziggler at Money in the Bank, so there really isn’t an obvious choice.

Then again, The Mexican Aristocrat won his first world heavyweight championship earlier this year in a match with Big Show that had very little build-up and basically came out of nowhere. He could lose the strap in the same way.

Should he even drop the title in the first place, or should he be left to work through the pain? If it is taken off him who should it be given to? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.


Backstage News On Rob Van Dam Vs. Del Rio, Foley Praises Sandow & Wyatt, Total Divas News

By Marc Middleton | July 28, 2013

The reason the Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio match ended the way it did on Friday night’s SmackDown was because Del Rio suffered a broken rib or ribs the night before in his match against Sheamus. The quick loss for RVD wasn’t meant to bury him or anything, it was just WWE’s attempt to gimmick their way out of a match that was previously advertised.