SmackDown Results: Cody tossed Sandow’s ‘Money’ into the (river) bank; The Wyatt Family dominated in their debut

BY Alex Giannini

July 26, 2013

Alberto Del Rio def. Rob Van Dam

Before locking up with Rob Van Dam for the first time ever, World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio chatted up new SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero, telling her she “owes” him for pitting the titleholder against RVD. With WWE Champion John Cena allowed the opportunity to choose his SummerSlam opponent, Del Rio said he deserved the same chance.

In the action that followed, RVD appeared well on his way to catapulting himself into that World Title picture. But after the high-flyer hit his opponent with a particularly flurried offensive assault, Del Rio took cover in the corner and repeatedly exclaimed, “No mas!” to the referee.

Not understanding the champion, the official kept an advancing RVD at bay, allowing Del Rio to sneak in a brutal kick to the face and handing the ECW Original his first singles loss since returning to WWE.