Last nights event! :)

Most of you know by now that I went to a WWE live event last night and it was amazing! I was so excited and I had so much fun. I thought I’d fill you in on the matches and everything that happened. (pics to come soonish)

And THE MAINEVENT! CM Punk Vs ALBERTO DEL RIO For the world heavy weight championship! Man I was pumped. It was an amazing match! Del Rio kept targeted the stapled head but Punk fought back with every blow. IT was a great back and forth match. Towards the end Del Rio rolled out of the ring towards Lillan Garcia and grabbed the mic. when punk tried to pull Rio back into the ring he hit him over the head with the Mic resulting in a DQ. CM Punk won but didn’t get the title. Del Rio tried to attack Punk but he was quick and put Del Rio to sleep.

Man I had a great time. It was amazing! There will be another event in ATL on November 19th and I am praying I can get tickets to that! having a 2 year gap in between shows just isn’t going to cut it.

Anyways there it is. I think I covered all the matches but have the right to add on just in case my memory comes back to me and I remember one that I’ve missed.

WWE Live Event Results From Atlanta (7/26): CM Punk Gets World Title Shot, Bray Wyatt In Action

By Raj Giri | July 28, 2013

Thanks to reader Z.V. for sending in these results from Friday’s live event in Atlanta, GA:

CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio via DQ after ADR hit Punk with a microphone. Punk went on to escape a chair shot from ADR after the match and hit the GTS to end the night.

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