Raw results: Bryan battles Kane and Cena faces Ryback’s rage in a Tables Match

BY Anthony Benigno

July 29, 2013

Christian def. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio

Given that Alberto Del Rio will get to pick his own SummerSlam opponent on SmackDown this week, he might want to cross Christian from the list for the sake of strategy. Standing strong against Del Rio’s aggression, Captain Charisma notched his biggest win yet on Raw by knocking off the World Champion in a non-title match, though the feat was hardly a cakewalk for the two-time World Title holder.

The Essence of Excellence nearly left Christian hobbled in the brutal contest, using the steel steps and ring post to help weaken his opponent’s arm in preparation for the Cross Armbreaker. Del Rio never got to lock in his feared finisher, however, after Christian dodged an enziguiri from the champion following a lengthy back and forth, following the evasion with a roll-up reversal of the Cross Armbreaker to score a stunning upset pin of the World Heavyeweight Champion.