WWE House Show Results 07.30.13 - Cape Town, South Africa

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 07.30.2013

The WWE will be performing two shows in the Grand Arena, the first of which took place tonight. The venue holds only around 5000 people but they were having ticket deals to help fill out the venue and there were still plenty of empty seats, hope that doesn’t hurt chances of bringing down WWE in the future. Justin Gabriel of course appeared in various TV and radio interviews throughout the week.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio beat Dolph Ziggler after 16 minutes with a sudden kick to the head. The fans choice was No DQ Match. Very nice match. They used a kendo stick and a table in the corner. After the pin, Ziggler got revenge on Del Rio by throwing him into a chair propped in the ropes and closed the show. My personal match of the night.

Overall it was a solid show. I would give it a 7/10 from a live perspective.


Another Detailed Live Report From Cape Town WWE Event; Account of Orton Being Attacked, Photos Included

by Nick Paglino July 30, 2013

First night of the South Africa and show was filled with some highs and very unfortunate lows.

The main event for the World Heaveyweight Championship - Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio.

Fans were asked by Lillian Garci to vote for the stipulation and turned out to be a no disqualification match. This allowed for some great spots with a kendo stick, chair and table.

Alberto Del Rio victorious via pinfall. Also worth noting (what I was afraid would happen) is that many of the marks in the crowd were unaware of the double turn and boo’d Ziggler while cheering Del Rio. The two of them shrugged their shoulders and laughed at the situation. Ziggler on a few occassion shouted “I’m the good guy!’’ and “Don’t you people have internet!?”

Biggest pop - RVD and Randy Orton.

Good quality match-ups right through the card.

Unfortunately the people have spoken with the show not sold out. General consencus is that the card is too similar to that of two years ago and it’s always Smackdown that tours our shores.

Biggest heat unfortunately the idiot that attacked Orton.


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