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We are in Houston, Texas and your announcers are Alex ‘Life of’ Riley and Michael ‘JBL isn’t the only one at the Summit’ Cole.

Alberto Del Rio is in the ring and he is about to announce the person he will face for the World Title at SummerSlam. Alberto says that he wants to start off by saying thank you . . . thank you for nothing. When he was champion before, the people did not support him. They did not want him to be their champion.

Alberto says that there is nothing that the people can do about him being champion. Alberto thanks one person. The person with vision and leadership. That person is Vickie Guerrero. John Cena was allowed to choose his opponent for SummerSlam and Vickie has allowed him to do the same thing. He wants everyone to cheer for Vickie.

John Cena wasted his pick by choosing that little troll Daniel Bryan. We all know that John Cena only did that because he is afraid of Alberto Del Rio. That is when Alberto started thinking. Why don’t you choose, the Beast . . . Brock Lesnar? It turns out that Lesnar has different plans for SummerSlam so that is his lost.

Why not go loco and give a shot to Houston’s own . . . Booker T? Alberto remembered that Booker, just like everything else to come out of Houston is a big disappointment. The person he chose deserved this opportunity more than anyone. He is one of the greatest athletes of all time. He is big, fast, strong, and vicious. He is the perfect opponent for Alberto Del Rio. That is why he is going to give this person his first opportunity to be World Champion.

Alberto announces that his opponent is . . .

Ricardo Rodriguez

Vickie Guerrero comes out and she throws a few excuse mes Alberto’s way.

Alberto wants to hug Vickie but Vickie only has excuse mes for Alberto. She says that it seems like Alberto is trying to disrespect her. Vickie says that Daniel Bryan is a worthy competitor for the WWE Title. Instead, Alberto chooses Ricardo. He is a jiggly little manchild. He expected so much more from Alberto.

Alberto tells Vickie not to be mad at her. He says that he can pick someone else to be his opponent for SummerSlam. Alberto picks . . .

The Brooklyn Brawler.

Vickie tells Alberto to listen to her. The man who appointed her general manager would not like that decision either. Since she knew that Alberto would make an immature decision, at SummerSlam, Alberto will face the winner of the match between Rob Van Dam, Christian, and Randy Orton.

Vickie tells Alberto that she wasn’t born yesterday.

Alberto tells Vickie that she went back on her word because she said that he could pick whoever he wanted.

Vickie asks Alberto if he is afraid of competition.

Alberto says that he is not afraid of anyone. He says this is not the way you treat a champion.

Brad Maddox enters and Vickie yells at him. Brad says that he agrees with Vickie’s decision.

Alberto breathes heavily and then he leaves.

Before we find out who will face Alberto Del Rio at SummerSlam, Alberto makes his way to the ring and he calls them the Three Stooges. Alberto says that he will be watching and enjoying seeing them beating the guacamole out of each other. He says that Ricardo could have beaten any of them. At SummerSlam one of them will be tapping out to the World Champion.

Match Number Five: Randy Orton versus Christian versus Rob Van Dam in a Number One Contender Vickie Wouldn’t Let Alberto Pick His Opponent Even Though She Promised Him Match

Orton kicks and punches Christian and then Van Dam punches Orton. Christian with punches to Van Dam. Orton with punches to Christian but Christian punches back. Christian sends Orton to the floor and he deals with Van Dam. Christian with an Irish whip but Van Dam with an elbow and a springboard side kick. Van Dam sets for Rolling Thunder but Orton trips him and pulls Van Dam to the floor.

Orton trie to send Van Dam into the steps but Van Dam blocks it and he sends Orton into the steps. Van Dam puts Orton on the ringside barrier and he goes ot the apron for the guillotine leg drop but Christian stops him momentarily. Van Dam takes care of Christian and then he hits the guillotine leg drop.

All three men are down on the floor. Christian with a spear to Van Dam while he focuses too much on the crowd.

We go to commercial.

Christian with an Irish whip but Van dam floats over and goes to the opposite corner but Christian moves when Van Dam tries for a springboard side kick. Christian with a kick and he hits a tornado DDT but Van Dam kicks out.

Orton with a European uppercut to Christian and he punches Christian. Christian sends Orton into the ropes and he slingshots to the floor but Orton avoids the punch. Christian returns to the ring and he runs into a Thesz Press from Orton. Orton punches Christian but Christian with an elbow and he goes up top.

Orton stops Christian and they exchange punches. Orton with head butts and he goes up for a superplex and he hits it. Orton holds his neck and the delay to make the cover allows Christian to kick out.

Van Dam with clotheslines to Christian and Orton followed by a spinning heel kick to Christian. Van Dam with the step over spin kick to Orton. Van Dam with a monkey flip to Christian followed by a running spin kick to Orton. Van Dam with a slam and he goes up for the split legged moonsault but Orton kicks out.

Van Dam with shoulders in the corner and he does a handspring but Orton with a knee when Van Dam tries for a shoulder. Orton sets for the IEDDT but Christian with a back drop that sends Orton to the floor. Christian with a back body drop that sends Van Dam over the top rope to the floor.

Christian with a baseball slide to Orton and then he slams Orton on the floor. Van dam slams Christian and then Van Dam goes into the ring and he looks around and does the thumb pump and then he hits a flip dive onto Orton and Christian as we go to commercial.

We are back and Christian and Orton exchange punches. Orton with a back body drop to Christian while Van Dam is on the floor. Christian with a boot to Orton and then he goes for a drop kick from the turnbuckles. Orton catches Christian and he gets a near fall with a jackknife cover. Christian counters with a sunset flip.

Christian with an inverted DDT to Orton and he knocks Van Dam off the apron. Christian waits for Orton to get up for the spear but Orton with a leap frog. Christian with a punch and he goes to the turnbuckle for a back elbow. Christian waits for Orton to get up for a Killswitch. Van Dam with a side kick from the top to Orton and Christian with a rollup on Van Dam for a near fall.

Christian with a punch to Van Dam but Van Dam with a kick in the corner and Van Dam goes up top for the Five Star Frog Splash and he hits it. Orton is able to make the save on the cover. Orton sends Van Dam into the turnbuckles and then he punches Van Dam. Van Dam with an Irish whip but Orton with a clothesline out of the corner. Orton with another clothesline. He avoids a clothesline from Van Dam.

Orton waits for the power slam but Van Dam knows that it is coming and he holds on to the ropes. Van Dam with a drop kick that sends Orton to the other side of the ring and Van Dam goes for Rolling Thunder but Orton recovers and hits the power slam. Orton tries for the IEDDT but Van Dam with a shoulder on the apron. Van Dam tries for a slingshot move back into the ring but Orton with a drop kick and Van Dam goes to the floor.

Christian tries for the Killswitch but Orton escapes and he hits the IEDDT on Christian. Orton looks around and he finds the spot to twist to the mat for the push ups prior to the RKO. Orton with an RKO to Van Dam and Christian with a backslide to counter Orton’s attempt at an RKO to get the three count.

Winner Christian

After the match, Christian celebrates his chance at ONE MORE MATCH

Christian watches Orton after the match because we know what Randy Orton can do. Orton offers his hand to Christian and he shakes it.

Van Dam shakes Christian’s hand as well.

Josh Mathews asks Christian how he feels. Before Christian can say too much, Alberto Del Rio attacks Christian from behind and he hits a super kick.

Del Rio stands over Christian as we go to credits.


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