Raw results: Bryan fights the power and Lesnar sets CM Punk in his sights once more

BY Anthony Benigno

August 05, 2013

Rob Van Dam def. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio

Clearly a four-week layoff has not been kind to Ricardo Rodriguez, whose instincts aren’t quite what they were before he was El Kabonged onto the DL by Dolph Ziggler two months ago. Making his grand return after licking his wounds, Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer instead ended up the World Champion’s personal whipping boy when he failed to help The Essence of Excellnece repeat his ill-gotten victory over Rob Van Dam from a few weeks ago on SmackDown.

Facing the former WWE Champion, Del Rio was on the receiving end of RVD’s offense and in a tight spot, so Ricardo attempted to diffuse the situation by setting up his bucket against the turnbuckle. The dirty play backfired, though, and Ricardo’s beloved patron ended up taking a header into the spittoon instead. One roll-up later handed Del Rio his second defeat in as many weeks, though that was nothing compared to the fate of Rodriguez himself, who was subjected to a ruthless beatdown by Del Rio as punishment for his inefficiency.