SHOW RESULTS - 8/11 WWE in Oakland, Calif.: No Cena, Big Show returns, Battle Royal, Bryan-Orton main event, new matches

Aug 12, 2013 - 1:44:34 AM

WWE Supershow results; August 11, 2013; Oakland, Calif.; Report by Amir Khostavan, PWTorch correspondent

At the start of the show, Justin Roberts announced that the scheduled Champion vs. Champion match would not take place since John Cena could not make it to the event. Instead, Brad Maddox made an appearance and booked a battle royal with the winner being the #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship later that evening in a match versus Alberto Del Rio/

(1) Big Show won a #1 contender battle royal in his in-ring return. To start the match, Rob Van Dam, Christian, R-Truth, Justin Gabriel, Wade Barrett, The Usos, The Shield, The Miz, Mark Henry, and Ryback made their way to the ring. However, before things got under way, Big Show’s music played to a huge pop and The Giant was the last entrant. The final four players were Show, Henry, Barrett, and Ryback. Show eventually won by eliminating Ryback.

(7) Big Show beat World Hvt. champion Alberto Del Rio via DQ; Del Rio retained the World Title. Del Rio was DQ’ed when he brought a chair into the ring. Reports 10/article_72637.shtml#.UgjMwH-SnPh

SHOW RESULTS - 8/11 WWE in Oakland, Calif.: Second detailed report on Bryan-Orton main event, RVD vs. Ryback, Big Show, more

Aug 12, 2013 - 3:14:24 AM

WWE Supershow results; August 11, 2013; Oakland, Calif. at Oracle Arena; Report by Brandon Tanguma of San Lorenzo, Calif.

This was my first-ever WWE house show and it definitely has a different feel compared to a TV taping with the smaller stage and lights right on top of the ring. The entire top deck was blocked off and there were a lot of empty spots on both sides of the arena. There was probably 5,000-7,000 people.

Justin Roberts opened the show and announced that John Cena will not be on the show to face Alberto Del Rio in the main event. He said refunds would be given if you asked by the start of the second match. Raw GM Brad Maddox came out and announced that a battle royal would decide who would face Del Rio for the World Title.

(1) Big Show beat The Shield, Usos, Miz, Christian, Wade Barrett, Mark Henry, Curtis Axel, RVD, Ryback, and Justin Gabriel in the battle royal. All of the participants came out at one time and all of a sudden Big Show’s music played to the surprise of everyone. In the end, Ryback went for a Shell Shock but Big Show countered into a suplex and clotheslined him for the win.

(7) Big Show beat Alberto Del Rio via DQ; Del Rio retained the World Title. A good back and forth exchange, then Del Rio hit Big Show with a chair to get DQ’ed. Afterward, Big Show chokeslamed Del Rio. Even though I’m not of fan of Cena’s, I wanted to see the Champion vs. Champion match, but I’m pretty sure they would of done the same finish.

Overall, it was a fun show since the crowd was into it and there were not too many annoying fans. Well, except for the wannabe smarks and a drunk guy yelling “Yes!” and “No” throughout the entire Bryan-Orton match. I can’t wait to do it again in San Jose for Smackdown. Reports 10/article_72638.shtml#.UgjLkn-SnPg

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