World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio def. Christian

BY Michael Burdick

August 18, 2013

LOS ANGELES – With the STAPLES Centers packed to the rafters for The Biggest Party of the Summer, World Heavyweight Championship Alberto Del Rio ultimately reigned supreme over the extremely charismatic challenge of Christian.

From the word go, the WWE Universe was treated to a truly epic struggle, which pitted the unrelenting viciousness of a world-class titleholder against the absolute determination of his No. 1 contender. As a result, neither competitor would give an inch in the early stages of the contest.

When Del Rio finally gained an edge, he immediately began to target his opponent’s shoulder, skillfully looking to weaken him for the dangerous Cross Armbreaker submission hold. .

However, every time it looked as if the Mexican champion would finish off his adversary, the resilient Christian would fire back, throwing caution – and his body – to the wind both inside and outside the ring.

Then, in the height of the action, though Christian finally hit the Spear, the pain of his injured shoulder ripped through his body and prevented him from going for the quick cover. Smelling an opening, the resourceful Del Rio turned the tables and locked in the Cross Armbreaker. After struggling with the heart of a true warrior, Christian was left no choice but to tap-out.

Following the match, no one sang the praises of the defending World Heavyweight Champion more as Del Rio himself, who declared himself (in both English and Spanish) a true role model for the WWE Universe.

Now that the sun has set on Christian’s SummerSlam hopes, time will tell if Captain Charisma has gotten his last opportunity at a World Title. But who will step up to challenge Del Rio next? Find out tomorrow on Raw.