WWE PPV SummerSlam 2013上猪头样的Alberto Del Rio

事情发生在米国时间2013-08-17晚上到2013-08-18 SummerSlam开始之前,传闻原因有2个版本:

  1. Alberto Del Rio和Drew McIntyre两基友不和,打架了。(xrspook:Del Rio成这样,我真的很想知道Drew现在是什么模样呢?)
  2. Alberto Del Rio和Drew McIntyre在回酒店的路上被某些人揍了。(xrspook:他们的仇人真多……)


Alberto Del Rio And Another WWE Superstar Involved In Real Brawl This Weekend

By Raj Giri | August 18, 2013

Alberto Del Rio was sporting a bruised face with a black eye during tonight’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reports that Del Rio and Drew McIntyre were involved in a big fight either late last night or earlier today. There aren’t too many other details, other then there may have been other people involved. Apparently both Del Rio and McIntyre were beaten up when they returned to their hotel.


Report: Alberto del Rio Involved in Backstage Fight Before SummerSlam?

by Mike Killam

August 18, 2013

According to the Wrestling Observer, the reason World Heavyweight Champion Alberto del Rio looked so banged up in his match against Christian Sunday night, is that he may have been involved in a physical altercation with fellow WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre.

While details are scarce, rumor has it that the two got into it backstage this weekend before SummerSlam, and the fight may have involved a few others. Del Rio had a noticeably bruised face and black eye during his championship match against Christian, which he won.


Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre Involved In Real Brawl

Alberto Del Rio and Drew McIntyre are said to have been involved in a real-life big fight during the SummerSlam weekend.

Del Rio had a bruised face and a black eye when he came out for his World Heavyweight Championship match against Christian at SummerSlam. He and McIntyre were beat up when they returned to their hotel.

The fight involved Del Rio, McIntyre and possibly other people. It’s said to have happened sometime overnight on August 17 or early on August 18.


Update On Reports Of A Drew Vs. Del Rio Fight, New Gimmick For Primo & Epico, Punk-Lesnar

By Marc Middleton | August 19, 2013

here are conflicting reports regarding the fight with Alberto Del Rio and Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam on Sunday, which is the reason Del Rio was sporting a black eye. Reports that Del Rio and Drew fought each other may be incorrect as the two may have gotten into a fight with other people outside of WWE. It was said they returned to their hotel yesterday afternoon looking beat up. Drew posted a photo of himself having dinner after SummerSlam and shows no signs of damage, as was reported.


Alberto Del Rio and Drew McIntyre Involved in Fight Over Weekend

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 08.19.2013

Alberto Del Rio was sporting a black eye for his match with Christian at SummerSlam on Sunday night. The black eye was explained during the show as the result of Christian hitting Del Rio with the Killswitch on Smackdown, but reports claim that the actual reason was a fight between Del Rio and Drew McIntyre sometime over the weekend.

Specifics on the fight are not yet known, though it is noted that the fight caused “noticeable physical damage to both men.”



从Drew McIntyre的推特看来他很好哦,一点问题都木有哦,顺便看看网友们的评论,笑翻~~~ Del Rio你太弱爆了,被揍得鼻青脸肿,你看看人家Drew,还英俊潇洒呢,如果真的是你俩对抽,你跪吧,哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈