Raw results: Cena bids farewell as Bryan fights the power … and loses

BY Anthony Benigno

August 19, 2013

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Sin Cara went to a No Contest

For a rich guy, Alberto Del Rio certainly showed he wasn’t afraid of a fight at SummerSlam. And he seemed well on his way to proving it again in a match against Sin Cara, if not for an untimely injury to The International Icon’s wrist that cut the match short in its tracks. A post-match paean to the Latino community had just begun to gain steam for The Essence of Excellence, until it was interrupted by none other than Ricardo Rodriguez. All healed up and happily emancipated from Del Rio, Ricardo was more than happy to introduce his old boss to his new …. Rob Van Dam.

Señor Lunes Noche was more than happy to give Del Rio a formal introduction of his own, swarming the champion in the ring and nearly flattening him with a Five Star Frog Splash before Del Rio wisely ran for cover. How do you say “one of a kind” in Spanish?