SmackDown Results: Bryan def. Barrett in Steel Cage Match; Orton strikes with venomous fury

BY Alex Giannini

August 23, 2013

Alberto Del Rio def. Christian

After their instant-classic confrontation at SummerSlam, Christian engaged in a rematch against World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio on SmackDown. Again placing Mexican flags in each corner, the titleholder looked to take down his Canadian counterpart, dominating the bout early on.

Despite Del Rio’s best efforts to soften up Christian’s shoulder, Captain Charisma would not give in. Despite his heroic efforts after being flung, shoulder-first, into the steel ring post, the champion ultimately proved to be too much for the challenger, locking Christian into the Cross Armbreaker off the ropes to make his adversary tap out.

As Del Rio then told the WWE Universe to follow him as their “leader,” he was interrupted by his former personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, who ushered Rob Van Dam into the arena.

When RVD made his way down the ramp, Christian blasted Del Rio with a missile dropkick, which RVD promptly followed up with Rolling Thunder on the Mexican champion.