SHOW RESULTS - 8/24 WWE in Las Cruces, N.M.: Punk vs. Axel main event, Punk tributes Eddie, Del Rio vs. Christian, more

Aug 25, 2013 - 4:06:32 PM

WWE Live house show results August 24, 2013 Las Cruces, New Mexico Report by Khris Watkins of El Paso, Tex., PWTorch reader

WWE held a live event in Las Cruces on Saturday night - a stone’s throw down the road from El Paso. I caught WWE’s other jaunt into this area last year with a Smackdown live event in the El Paso County Coliseum. This time we were in the Pan American Center on-campus of the New Mexico State Aggies! I will say the Center looks more like a wrestling venue than the Coliseum with seats surrounding the arena floor. I would guess 6,000 or more wrestling-starved people attended the event. Onto the show…

(7) Christian beat World Hvt. champion Alberto Del Rio via DQ; Del Rio retained the World Title. Alberto is so over as both a heel and a face in this part of the country; many people didn’t know if they should cheer or boo! Christian did a small comedy bit with Alberto’s walk-out shirt – while also calling him an “a-hole” in Spanish, which started a chant. Both men got in their offense before Alberto pulled the ref into Christian, then delivered a kick to the head. Alberto thought he won when the bell sounded, but Christian won on the DQ. Solid 18 mins with both men telling a good story with their offense. My oldest daughter made a real nice Mexican Flag Alberto poster that she was proud to display!

All in all, a great house show with solid wrestling up and down the card – and only one non-finish! The show started at 7:30 p.m. and didn’t end until after 10:30. The crowd was hot throughout the night – even for the Khali match! I can’t wait for WWE to come back again… Reports 10/article_72938.shtml

WWE Live Event Results From Las Cruces (8/24): CM Punk Pays Tribute To Eddie Guerrero

By Raj Giri | August 25, 2013

hanks to reader Adrian Telas for sending in these results from last night’s WWE live event in Las Cruces, NM: The show was not a complete a sell out as there were many seats available for the show. I believe that its time WWE Raw or Smackdown do a live TV show for El Paso or Las Cruces as people are tired of live events.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian in a great match. Del Rio came out to a great ovation. He tried to play heel, but the crowd was way over him.

Biggest Pops: 1. CM Punk 2. Alberto del Rio 3. Dolph Ziggler / Kofi Kingston

Biggest Heat: 1. Damien Sandow 2. Big E 3. 3MB

Overall this was a great show by far with solid matches. Come on WWE, its time we get a live televised show! I have always said El Paso Texas would be a perfect fit for SummerSlam in the Sun Bowl.

WWE House Show Results 08.24.13 - Las Cruces, New Mexico

Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 08.25.2013

Arena was maybe 3/4 full. Advertising wasn’t what it normally is and the lack of John Cena probably contributed to that. The crowd itself was so/so.

Christian defeated World Hvt. Champion Alberto Del Rio by DQ. Man, I miss the Ric Rod entrance. Del Rio got a decent pop with a very Hispanic crowd. Christian also came out to a good pop and got some easy love by calling Del Rio a Spanish bad word. Del Rio also got some of his heat back by trying to leave with the title a few times. Del Rio ended up throwing the ref at Christian and slapped on the armbar. When Christian tapped he celebrated and got upset when he found out he won by DQ. I’ve seen Christian at so many house shows and yet I think every one of his matches is exactly the same.

Biggest Pops 1. Punk (by far) 2. Ziggler 3. Christian

Most Heat 1. Paul Heyman during his promo 2. Del Rio/ Curtis Axel 3. Damien Sandow

WWE Live Event Results (8/24): Las Cruces, New Mexico; Punk vs Axel, Christian vs Del Rio

by Nick Paglino August 25, 2013

Thanks to WZ reader JA for sending in the following:

I attended the WWE Live Event in Las Cruces, NM on August 24. Though many of the wrestlers booked for this event were re-booked for the California event, it still turned out to be a decent show.

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio for the WHC

winner: Christian via DQ

After the show CM Punk grabbed a sign from the stands and thanked everyone for coming but talked about not forgetting where he came from holding up the sign that said “Eddie Guerrero Country”

Biggest Pops: CM Punk Dolph Ziggler Christian Primetime Players (wow) Eddie Guerrero via CM Punk *Hunico & ADR received mixed pop & heat but mostly cheers. Considering the area we are in I’m not surprised by that.

Biggest Heat: Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman 3MB Ryback

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