Raw results: Bryan suffers corporate justice against Orton and The Shield BY Anthony Benigno

August 26, 2013

Rob Van Dam def. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio

Looks like Ricardo Rodriguez’s big client switch is starting to pay dividends. One week after officially leaving Alberto Del Rio’s services in favor of Rob Van Dam’s, Ricardo’s new jefe pulled off a big win against The Essence of Excellence and punched his ticket to Night of Champions in the process. Despite the fact that Van Dam’s had the champion’s number of late, the newly solo Del Rio wasn’t exactly shaking in his boots against Mr. Monday Night, matching the former WWE Champion shot for shot and even aping Van Dam’s famous taunt when the opportunity suited him.

Though Del Rio had RVD dead to rights, Rodriguez’s rallying of the WWE Universe stopped his momentum just long enough for Van Dam to struck with a roll-up as Del Rio attempted the Cross Armbreaker, springing a surprise pin on The Essence of Excellence. Not bad. But can he do it again in three weeks?