SmackDown Results: Bryan def. Rollins and The Shield; Orton launched a serpentine attack on his No. 1 contender

BY Michael Burdick

September 06, 2013

Triple H held an open forum for all WWE Superstars and Divas

MINNEAPOLIS – After WWE COO Triple H engaged in a heart-to-heart with an alarmed locker room, RVD battled the “Face of WWE,” AJ Lee showed how dangerous beauty can be and Daniel Bryan overcame The Hounds of Justice both inside and outside the ring.

Triple H opened SmackDown, explaining that, in essence, “Cody Rhodes fired Cody Rhodes” on Raw by showing disrespect and insubordination towards the office of COO, the WWE Universe and to his fellow Superstars – before failing to do his job by losing to WWE Champion Randy Orton.

To deal with the issue of Superstars and Divas who might have problems with the way business in WWE is being done, The Game presented an open forum, inviting any and all to the top of the ramp to speak their minds.

While Damien Sandow’s comments were dismissed as kissing up to the COO, the 13-time World Champion listened to the concerns of Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Damn, Heath Slater and Ryback. He then rewarded their words with a series of matches: Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler; Kingston vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel and RVD vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton.

In addition – pointing out Daniel Bryan’s absence during the forum (a meeting Bryan later claimed he was told he wasn’t invited to) – The King of Kings offered the submission specialist a one-on-one match against any member of The Shield.

WWE Champion Randy Orton def. Rob Van Dam

With World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio joining the SmackDown announce team, his No. 1 contender at Night of Champions, RVD, went head-to-head against WWE Champion Randy Orton.

At the height of the action, after Del Rio assaulted Ricardo Rodriguez by throwing his former ring announcer into the steel ring post, RVD hurled himself over the ropes and onto the Mexican Champion. While payback was indeed served, The Viper would also strike – reengaging his opponent with a hanging DDT onto the ringside floor before hitting the RKO on his prey for the victory.

Afterwards, Del Rio sent a message to his pay-per-view foe, locking up his war-torn prey in the Cross Armbreaker.