SHOW RESULTS - 9/14 WWE in London, Ont., Canada: Battle Royal determines Del Rio’s World Title opponent, NXT Title match, Big E. vs. Sandow, more

Sep 15, 2013 - 12:44:49 AM

WWE Live show results; September 14, 2013; London, Ont., Canada; Report by John Canton (@JohnReport) of London, Ont.

I would guess there were about 3,500 fans. Even though they don’t bill the events as Raw/Smackdown anymore, the ring had the Smackdown logo on it.

(1) Dolph Ziggler won battle royal to earn a World Title shot at Alberto Del Rio in main event. Damien Sandow finished second. In third? Hunico. That was a bit shocking.

(7) Dolph Ziggler beat Alberto Del Rio via DQ; Del Rio retained the World Title. Pre-match, Del Rio wanted Tony Chimel to announce him in Spanish, but Chimel didn’t know Spanish. A fan in the front row ended up announcing Del Rio in Spanish. He did a great job, too. They went about 20 minutes with some great nearfalls. Del Rio ended up shoving the ref before he applied the Cross Armbreaker and he was DQ’d for that. Post-match, Ziggler hit the Zig Zag to send the fans home happy.

The show was not heavy on star power, but everybody worked hard, the crowd was into it, and we had fun for two-and-a-half hours. Reports 10/article_73338.shtml#.UjXK239VtRQ

Second Set of WWE House Show Results 09.14.13: London, Ontario

Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 09.15.2013

Before the show started, went by the merchandise stand and was extremely surprised to see they had no Daniel Bryan items except for the YES towel. How were they not selling his tshirts was beyond my belief.

Arena was nicely full, a lot of people came out to the show considering no top talents were there (Bryan, Punk, Orton, Cena etc) Unlike the other report who stated that Bryan was advertised but no showed, actually both Bryan and Fandango were advertised in the original card but were later removed & Christian did not show up due to his injury. Before the show started, they announced whether the Divas should have a tag team match or a dance off & wanted the fans vote for the decision.

Opening Match: Over the top rope Battle Royal (Winner takes on Del Rio for the Championship in the Main Event) Superstars included were Kofi Kingston, The Uso’s, Justin Gabriel, Damien Sandow, JTG, Big E, Bo Dallas, Hunico & Dolph Ziggler. Surprised to see JTG still has a job and didn’t even know Hunico was still around! Big E cleaned house by body slamming everyone which received a nice pop from the fans. During the match Sandow snuck outside the ring with his briefcase which prompted a loud “Shandow Sucks” chant from our section above. Ziggler was the last man standing & thought he won, Sandow came back in tried to eliminate him but ended up getting tossed out!

7th Match: Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler World Heavyweight Championship Del Rio came out first and went straight to the fans, took someone’s sign & ripped it up! He also wanted his introduction done in Spanish, so a fan sitting front row did his introduction in true Ricardo Rodriguez fashion which drew some cheers from the crowd. Ziggler came out to a huge pop! Lots of stalling by Del Rio after the bell rung, the two officially didn’t lock up for a good 5-10 mins. Excellent back & forth match between the two! Lots of “Lets Go Ziggler” chants throughout! There was even a loud YES YES YES chant that broke out! Ziggler wins the match via DQ & sends everyone home happy.

Overall a fun show considering the card wasn’t stacked with many superstars, crowd had fun & enjoyed! After the show many fans stood outside the arena by the parking lot to catch a glimpse of the Superstarts & Divas leaving, all of them acknowledged the fans from inside their vehicles. Ziggler was the last one out, he put his bags in the car and came by to greet, sign & take pictures with each & every fan standing outside. Definitely a stand up, polite & cool guy! Made my night to meet the Show Off!!

Another Detailed Set Of Results From Last Night’s WWE Live Event In Ontario: NXT Title Defended

By Raj Giri | September 15, 2013

Thanks to reader Ziad S. for sending in this report for last night’s WWE live event in London, Ontario, Canada:

Based on the star power, I’d say WWE sent their “B”-team to London and sent their “A”-team to Saginaw. There was roughly between 3,500 and 4,000 fans there. The upper bowl was closed off while the lower bowl was moderately crowded. Almost every floor seat was occupied.

I sat second row from the corner to the right of where the announcers would normally sit if it were a taped event.

I arrived at roughly 6:00pm and decided to wait outside seeing as last year I had the opportunity to meet Ryback and Sheamus before the show. This year only Kofi Kingston decided to sign autographs about 45 minutes before the show. According to some of the fans who arrived earlier, the only other person who signed was Naomi, and she only signed a few.

The show started at 7:30 with the Canadian national anthem.

Tony Chimel announces the first match, a 10 man Battle Royal with the winner facing Alberto Del Rio later that night for the World Heavyweight Championship. The contestants were; Justin Gabriel, Dolph Ziggler, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Damien Sandow, JTG, Bo Dallas, Big E, Hunico and Kofi Kingston. Fans were sending Big E mixed reactions during the entirety of the match. Many were unsure whether he was working as a face or a heel. Damien quickly escaped the ring with his MITB briefcase (he went under the bottom rope so he wasn’t eliminated). The first elimination happened about 4 minutes into the match (can’t remember who was the first eliminated). Big E power slammed every superstar in the ring to a great reaction from the fans. Dolph Ziggler and Hunico were last in the ring (Hunico was getting crazy heat from two fans in the front row). Dolph Ziggler eliminates Hunico. Sandow came running back in the ring and hit Dolph with his MITB briefcase. Damien copied Zigglers elbow drop, including the hair and the little dance. Ziggler finally eliminates Sandow and wins the match to a great reaction from the crowd. Winner: Dolph Ziggler.

Main Event: WHC match- Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler. Del Rio came out first to some boos here and there. Many of the fans around the arena were chanting for him, including the two gentlemen in the front row who were trash talking Hunico earlier. Del Rio surprisingly high fived a lot of fans as well. He took a kids Dolph Ziggler sign in the front row and poured beer onto it. He then ripped it up and through it in the air (again to a decent reaction from the crowd). Del Rio announced that he needed someone who could speak spanish to introduce him (he went to the Hunico trash talking fans in the front row). Very good introduction, he needs to hire this dude as his ring announcer. I honestly couldn’t tell as to whether Del Rio was trying to work as a heel or a face, very perplexing stuff. Ziggler came out to a nice pop from the crowd, high fiving a lot of fans as well. Del Rio spent the first 3 minutes of the match bantering with Ziggler and taunting the fans as to who is gonna get his shirt. Finally he decided not to throw it anywhere. Ziggler went down to the kid whose sign got ripped up and gave them a hug and gave them his shirt. Del Rio tried to shake hands with Ziggler but everyone in the crowd started to chant “NO NO NO”. Del rio told the fans to shut up, and got down on his knees to show he wasn’t gonna attack. Ziggler decided to kick him in the head instead.

Finally the match gets underway. Del Rio had some great offence and Ziggler’s over acting made it even better. Del Rio kicked Ziggler in the head and something flew out of Ziggle’rs mouth (probably his gum). Del Rio through Ziggler onto the top turnbuckle and again something flew out his mouth. Ziggler set up Del rio on the top rope and gave him a super german suplex to a wonderful reaction from the crowd. Ziggler got thrown up by a flapjack from Del Rio and landed flat on his face. Del Rio grabbed the ref and through him onto Ziggler, which distracted Ziggler and let Del Rio do the Cross Arm Breaker. Ziggler tapped but the ref reversed his decision and decided ADR was disqualified for pulling the Refs shirt and throwing him on Ziggler. Del rio tried to hit ziggler with a chair but ziggler moved and hit del rio with a Zig Zag. He came out and high-fived all the fans, signed some autographs, took some pictures, and sent the fans home happy.

Over all a good show, not too many big stars, but some great matches.

Biggest Pops 1. Dolph Ziggler 2. Great Khali 3. Justin Gabriel 4. Bray Wyatt

Most Heat 1. Damien Sandow 2. Alberto Del Rio 3. Hunico

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