Rob Van Dam def. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio (Disqualification)

BY Mitch Passero

September 15, 2013

DETROIT — With an explosive offense, Rob Van Dam brought the fight to World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio inside the Joe Louis Arena. But it was Del Rio’s refusal to release a Cross Armbreaker that ended the bout in disqualification.

The WWE Universe in attendance was clearly in support of RVD, who brought his A game and 17 years of experience to the battle. As the tooth-and-nail heavyweight fight waged on, it looked as if RVD was finally poised to capture his first World Heavyweight Title.

As RVD continued to build momentum in the bout, he flew from the top rope for a splash, but ended up taking Del Rio’s knee to his gut. The champion intuitively capitalized, locking in his lethal Cross Armbreaker. Despite the painful hold, “Mr. Monday Night” found a way to get to the ropes in an effort to break the hold.

With the ropes in RVD’s grasp, the referee started his 5-count. But the ruthless Del Rio refused to release the hold, forcing the referee to stop the bout. Then in a dastardly move after the match ended, Del Rio stomped on the fallen RVD.

With the former WWE Champion down, Del Rio attempted to add insult to injury with a steel chair. But Del Rio’s former ally, Ricardo Rodriguez, saved the day and prevented Del Rio from connecting with the weapon.

As Del Rio writhed in pain in the ring corner after a DDT, RVD flew from across the ring in dramatic fashion, crushing the champion with a Van Daminator, driving a steel chair into his skull. With Del Rio reeling from the blow, the former ECW Champion held the World Title high, as the WWE Universe looked on in approval.

With Rodriguez now in his corner — and watching his back — was Night of Champions a sign of things to come for “Mr. Pay-Per-View”?