Get In The Ring With WWE Digital

BY Staff

September 23, 2013

Ever since Vince McMahon took the gamble of a lifetime on an unprecedented make-or-break, pay-per-view event dubbed “WrestleMania” in 1985, WWE has prided itself on its innovative mindset and willingness to break through barriers. Today, the company continues to push boundaries, most recently with the WWE App.

The WWE App provides users with a groundbreaking and completely immersive experience. Having been downloaded more than seven million times, the app reaches WWE Universe members the world over.


From custom editorial slideshows that count down WWE’s greatest moments and top Superstar achievements, to a vibrant Second Screen Experience that offers viewers a groundbreaking new way to watch TV, the WWE App engages users with fireworks from the opening screen.

In addition, viewers watch high-impact premium videos, browse classic and up-to-date photo galleries, receive breaking news updates and, of course, enjoy compelling social media experiences, which allow fans to engage not only with themselves, but with WWE Superstars on various outlets, including Facebook and Twitter.

The Second Screen Experience on the WWE App offers users absorbing content while allowing them to watch Raw, SmackDown, WWE Main Event and monthly pay-per-views. The Second Screen Experience features live video match continuations and interviews involving WWE talent, polls that can influence the outcome of live programming, trivia questions, photo galleries and featured tweets from fans and WWE Superstars alike.

In an exciting partnership, the WWE App has also showcased exclusive video for a “Doritos Bold” ad campaign in which a series of lucky contestants won tickets to a live event and interacted with a WWE Superstar backstage.

Be sure to explore other aspects of WWE digital media as well, including the following exciting opportunities:

  • Customized WWE VIP Fan Experience
  • Co-branded microsite
  • Exclusive video trailer
  • Themed video playlist
  • “Text to Win” program
  • Custom mobile app
  • Custom Facebook app
  • Q&A; Twitter session from WWE Talent or WWE Sponsor
  • Twitter feature with custom hashtag
  • Talent appearances at retail locations
  • Custom branded integrations in pay-per-view events
  • Digital & Mobile pay-per-view pre-show integrations
  • WWE Superstar Live Chat / WWE Superstar Google Hangouts
  • Online / mobile coupon or promotional code

With cutting edge content, the latest in technological advances and an energetic social media presence, WWE continues the company’s proud heritage of being untraditional in a traditional world.

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